Monday, September 21, 2009

Follow-up Reaction to Steelers Loss

After getting up today and realizing that it was not a dream and the Steelers did suffer the 17-14 loss to the Bears yesterday. There are still a ton of things that are running through my head and I have no idea where to start. Well here goes nothing:

I really hope people do not bash Jeff Reed. Should he have made one of those kicks? Yea, I would have like (and would have put all my money) that he could make one of two. But he didn't, it happens. How many games has Jeff Reed won for this team? How many times has the offense been terrible, or the defense had a bad day and Jeff Reed bail us out with a game winning FG to end the game?

This team was not going to go 16-0. This loss hurts, don't get me wrong, but there are certain reasons why that very few team go through a season without a loss. Hell it's tough to go 13-3. I guess to look at the silver lining is that we lost to an NFC team that is supposed to be a lot better with Jay Cutler. It could be a lot worse for the Steelers.

Like I talked about in the post game wrap-up I thought the line played very well. The Steelers rushed for over 100 yards on the day, a ton better than the 30 yards they had in week one. I guess it could only get better from week one but you never know. I thought Ben got ample time to find receivers and he did a pretty good job of finding them and getting some completions.

What I really noticed yesterday during the game was how much the Steelers used screen passes in lou of running plays. I know that people do not want to think this team is a passing team, but they are. They cannot run the ball like they used to and they are now using screens and quick hitters to our receivers in order to supplement the 80-100 yards we will get every week on the ground (hopefully). Is this ideal? No. Does it work? Who knows for how long. Whatever it takes to win I am cool with. Yesterday though was really telling that they were going to do that a little more.

Mewelde Moore played a really nice game yesterday. He is not going to rush for 100 yards or catch 11 passes, but he will get the job done. He is a very versatile back that can do a little bit of everything really well. He is much better this year picking up the blitz and really saved Ben last night on a few occasions with great pick ups on blitz's. I know Minnesota has a good back up there but I had a good feeling when we got Mewelde and he is really doing nice things for this team. He can catch the screen, he can go into the slot, perfect third down back, can block. I like it.

There is plenty of more to talk about, so as things come up I will be updating with new post, although most will be short, they are better than nothing. This will help me keep my mind occupied until Thursday when I really get geeked up for the Bengals.

Here We Go

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