Friday, September 25, 2009

News and Notes 9-25-09

Here are a little bit of news and notes from around our favorite spots teams here in the Burgh on a pretty slow day of sports.

The Bucs lost to the Reds last night. It was the same old story for the Pirates as they could not get anything going. They even had to close the upper deck of the stadium because they were not going to have a bunch of people in the park due to the G-20 (maybe).

Charlie Morton got hit up for four runs in the third and blanked the Reds the rest of the contest. Lastings Milledge continues to be strong for the Pirates as he went deep for his third of the season. After the bomb they set off the fireworks. I bet the people at the G-20 had to check their pants.

The Penguins dropped their contest to the Jackets 5-2. Like I have been saying, its preseason. Sid actually left the game with a groin issue. Not sure what is up with that, but he will be shut down the rest of preseason.

Geno had a goal and Nate Guenin had the goals for the Penguins. Guenin is fighting for a spot on the team so that was pretty huge for him.

Tyrone Carter is going to be appealing his $5,000 fine that he got for hitting Greg Olson "helmet to helmet" last Sunday. I mean if you don't want helmets to hit then tell the players not to wear helmets. This is getting out of hand. Things happen, sure their helmets might have hit but come on. What a terrible fine.

Hines Ward said that he would do it again when asked about the new rule which will prohibit hits such as the one he put on Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers. Good for him. This is why its ok:

"No, I'll still hit him, I'll just get fined," Ward said. "It's either that or try to hurt somebody. So you either fine me or you want me to end someone's career (by hitting them low). I'd rather take a fine than end someone's career, so I'm not going to change."

I agree 100% Hines.

The Steelers have a few more minority owners.

Steelers pre-game coming tomorrow...

Igloo post to follow...must see

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