Wednesday, September 16, 2009

News and Notes

Here are some news and notes from around the Pittsburgh sports scene that might be of some interest to you people who are Pittsburgh fans.

Willie Parker is putting the blame on himself for the sluggish start for the Steelers run game. While I admire what Willie is doing it is not really all his fault. Mind you, I did not think Willie looked very confident when he was running. He looked very timid going into the holes and just did not look comfortable. While some of it was Willie's fault I think I put more on the O-line. They need to make some creases. Willie is fast and all he needs is a little crease and he could be gone. The Titans have a great D, but I need more than 1.6 YPC.

Jerome Bettis also threw a ton of people under the bus a few days ago. It is his opinion. Hopefully this stuff turns around.

Ryan Clark has a decision to make later in the season. I can't really say I wouldn't blame him if he didn't play for that game. Dude almost died when he was there last (two years ago). If he thinks he puts himself at risk for injury or futher damage from playing in that high altitude then he should sit. I would rather him miss one game than miss the rest of the season.

Geno has ten fingers, so why not ten rings? I like it a lot. He has a point.

Sid's new stick is a big deal.

The Pirates dropped their game in extra's last night to the Dodgers 5-4. The most frustrating part? (Besides Capps blowing the game again) The Pirates actually took the lead in the top of the 13th but gave up a walk off shot to Either. F it.

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