Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pre Season NFL Predictions

Now, when you look at these predictions make sure that you keep a few things in mind. One is that I have not gone through each schedule and said “well this team will beat this team and lose to this team and yada yada yada…” I went through and I am picking the division winners and telling you why. Secondly I am no NFL expert. I just know what I know and this is how I feel. Take it for what its worth.

First lets take a look at the NFC:

NFC South: Minnesota – Lets just face the facts. Brett Farve makes this team better. With AP on the team this team will be much more of a force than it was last year. I had thought about going with Chicago or Green Bay. I think Green Bay has a better chance because Aaron Rodgers is a pretty good QB so far and could really carry that team. Minnesota defends the run very well which is what wins you games late in the year.

NFC South – Atlanta – This one was actually pretty easy. Matt Ryan is a solid QB also and lets just face it, the rest of the division is pretty weak. Drew Breese is top five in the league when it comes to QB’s but he really does not have much. In my mind Reggie Bush is a bust and Carolina and Tampa are in some serious trouble. I mean half of the Bucs roster is QB’s so you really can’t do much with that.

NFC East – Philadelphia – Lets get this straight. I hate Philadelphia as a whole. I am talking the city, the people, their sports, them as fans, hate it. D Nabb is the real deal. He gets no love out east and nor does the team. They can play. If Brian Westbrook can stay somewhat healthy they will be a good team. Mike Vick will not be that big of a distraction and they will win a very tough conference. Giants finish second. They are pretty good too.

NFC West – Arizona – St. Louis and San Fran are really out right away. They are not ready to win right now and may not be ready to win for a while. Arizona has a soft defense which may hurt them. Make sure you watch out for Seattle. Matt Hasselback is healthy and he is pretty good at what he does. With Fitz and Boldin you always have a chance.

Lets now take a look at the AFC:

AFC South – Indianapolis - This is a pretty tough division to pick with Tennessee being a solid team and Houstin who is going to be pretty good this year, I think. Tennessee was pretty good last year but I cannot see that happening again. Kerry Collins I don’t believe can be that good again this late in his career, and lets be real, the Colts have Peyton Manning. Case closed. If Bob Sanders is healthy their defense should be pretty good. He makes that team tick.

AFC East – New England – Hands down. I may hate them, but Tom Brady is pretty letgit and when you can throw it up to Randy Moss you are going to have a good offense. Their defense is pretty old and is defiantly their soft spot so that is how you are going to have to beat them. Will Brady be full strength? Who knows. I do not take much stock in what he did in the preseason. He has sort of a bummed shoulder too.

AFC West – San Diego – What a soft division. Denver is going to be rebuilding. How do you trade Jay Cutler? Really? They will take a step back. K.C. is going to have another tough year and Oakland is just a joke. Al Davis needs to not be around that team so much and maybe they can win.

AFC North – Pittsburgh – I mean do you really think I would say anyone else? Lets be real, they are legit. Baltimore is a really good team and I feel Joe Flacco will be better this year and they will probably steal a game from Pittsburgh. Their defense is always good and we will probably see that again.

NFC Final Standing:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Minnesota
  4. Arizona
  5. Green Bay
  6. NY Giants

NFC Champion: Philadelphia

AFC Final Standing

  1. Pitttsburgh
  2. New England
  3. Indianapolis
  4. San Diego
  5. Baltimore
  6. Tennessee

AFC Champion: Pittsburgh

Super Bowl 44 Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

I mean come on. The Steelers are stacked. They might have a pretty bad O-line but they have Big Ben. He trumps all. I am not real sure on the NFC. It is really wide open. I could really see Green Bay or Atlanta winning the NFC but I think with the Eagles experience in that department they can do it. The Steelers are better though. Chalk it up.

Here We Go

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