Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random Stuff

Like always, Ben just kind of likes to finish up fast.

We will not hear about how bad Troy's leg is until Monday. Any chance he is ok and the trainers were wrong?

If you like quotes you might like this. Post game quotes from after the Tennessee game.

PSAMP has a great piece about how Snoop told people that the Steelers were his real team and if he was wearing another jersey it was just a front. I kinda figured that (as wierd as that sounds) but if you have paid any attention to Snoop he loves USC and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

No more run game?

Some Pens pre season game will be on the NHL Network. This might make you feel a little better about the NHL network since they can not come to terms with VS. That will hurt come playoff time.

Is it kind of hard to believe that Dan Bylsma has a cup and has yet to run an NHL training camp? Pretty sweet.

The Pens will open up training camp tomorrow. Oh. Yea.

I don't know if many of you have heard this or not but ex Pirate pitcher Steve Blass knocked in two holes in one in his life. Oh yea, both were on the same round of golf. Are you kidding me. People would kill just to get within a few inches to say they were only inches away from a hole in one and Blass gets two of them. Wow.

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