Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Riots in the Steet, Pens Lose

The Penguins went into the Bell Center and dropped a conest to the Canadians 4-3. Bing and Geno both played for the Penguins and Geno chipped in with a goal. If this was for a playoff spot it would be a big deal. Carey Price has plenty more games to blow before that.

The Penguins gave up a shorty in the third period for the beginning of three unanswered goals by the Canadians.

I was only able to watch the second period of the game today, but from what I got to watch the Penguins looked really good. They had good puck possesion and they knocked in a few goals and came very close to punching in a few more.

If the Canadians are going to do anything this year they are going to have to cut down the puck at the point. Sergei Gonchar had three days to set up at the point and he made the Canadians pay.

On a little bit of a down note the Englland/Lovejoy combination was a combined -5 and I belive they were on the ice for three of the Canadians goals. Not good for either of them as they look to sneak into the number six or seven spot.

Like I said, it is preseason and it does not mean shit. I mean to be honest it is a win that nobody got hurt and the Penguins are healthy.

They play in like five minutes. The season is near.

Lets Go Pens

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