Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sano Signs With Twins

The 16 y/o Dominican shortstop, Miguel Sano, is going to be headed to Minnesota as he signed a deal worth $3.15 million. As a Pirate fan as soon as I heard this I pounded my fist on my desk at work and dropped the f-bomb. I would have liked to have Sano as he could be a buy low guy. I mean we are paying some below average players more than that to be a stop gap in the system. At 16 Sano could improve to be a very nice prospect. If he was a bust, it happens. Whatever, does not matter anymore.

At first a lot of people were mad at the Pirate management as it was viewed as "oh here we go again, same story, different day," but that is not it. Sano's agent was going to make sure that his client was not going to sign with the Pirates and he never gave them a chance.

If you have read any Pirate blog such as WHYGAVS, Raise the Jolly Rodger, North Side Notch, or any others you will get the same thing: the Pirates were hosed. Bottom Line.

Here is how it shook out:

The Pirates were the only team to show interest and offer July 2 when he became elligible to sign. They offered $2 million which was promptly rejected by his agent Rob Plummer. The Orioles then offered $2.5 million a few weeks ago and the Pirates went over the top with a $2.6 million offer. That was also turned down. Then it gets interesting.

Out of nowhere today Sano signed with Minnesota. ESPN's Jorge Arangure was on twitter all day giving updates and every update that kept coming during the day spelled out how things really went down. It is to be noted that Arangure was following this from pretty much the second Sano was born.

Tweet 1: Sano Orioles offer never went past $2.5m. Pirates offer was $2.6
Tweet 2: Basically, the Pirates didn't sign Sano because of the fractured relationship between the Pirates and Sano's agent
Tweet 3: My read of the situation is that the agent did not like the close relationship thet Pirates had with Sano's family
Tweet 4: The Pirates were absolutely stunned by Sano's signing today. They had no clue it was coming.
Tweet 5: From my understanding, the Orioles were given a chance to match. The Pirates were not given that chance.
Tweet 6: Twins were only team that met agent's demands. They were told their offer wouldn't be shopped around as a result
Tweet 7: Twins official offer on Tuesday was accepted in 10 minutes by agent. So the deal wasn't shopped around

Then this gem that we got today from the PG

"Hunnington and Plummer had agreed last month that the Pirates would get a call once he reached an agreement with any team, but both sides acknowledged today that Plummer never called them back"

and this also

"Plummer said earlier today that, even if the Pirates had come back with more money, he would not have signed with them because he apprecited how the Twins dealt with him."

So basically Plummer didn't like that the Pirates had a good relationship with Sano's family and he didn't like the Pirates so he went out just to toy with the fans and them. The Pirates got hosed. Who knows if they would have offered more money to sign Sano but I bet they would have.

Plummer said that the fans would see they could have signed his agent when the numbers come out, but they were never given the chance. Up until the Orioles offer a week or so ago the Pirates were the only ones bidding. So why would the Pirates bid against themselves? Would you pay more for something on ebay if you were the only one bidding? Would you inentionally say, "well I am winning this for $5 but I am just going to give the guy $10 for the hell of it." No that is bad.

Plummer did not like the Pirates and would not let his client sign with them for any reason. Sano actually wanted to be a Pirate but I guess this is more about Plummer than the client. What a joke and what a tool bag. Maybe more on this later but this is not the Pirates fault. They had no chance and were kept in the pitch black.

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