Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Be a Pirate Fan?

Pat over at WHYGAVS has one of his best articles of the season up today about why he is a Pirate fan and he is spot on with his whole article. I feel the same way Pat does and if you have read this blog or know me even a little bit I am, and will always will be a Pirates fan, nomatter what. I have never seen a champion with my own eyes. I was only seven when they were playing the Braves in 1992. I loved the Pirates then and love them even more now. I defend them to no end and hopefully when they come in 2011 we will see the fruits of the new management.

Here is the link for the article.

Here is probably the best part of the article right here and how people like myself and Pat contintue to be optimistic about the future:

"But now? I can't see this picture of Andrew McCutchen without wondering how high he'll leap when he leads the Pirates to a division title, or a pennant, or more. And when the Pirates drop nine out of ten? When they clinch their seventeenth losing season in a row? I close my eyes and I see a box score that reads like this: 1.) McCutchen, CF, 2.) Tabata, RF, 3.) Milledge, LF, 4.) Alvarez, 3B, and I can't help but think that in two years, that will be something to behold. Maybe I'm
wrong; maybe those things won't happen. But right now, all that matters is that
they might."

This is what I am looking forward to. I love being from Pittsburgh. We are blessed to have great teams. The Pirates were good before the streak, the Penguins are the toast of the NHL right now, and the Steelers are the Steelers. It is great to be from Pittsburgh. I love these teams and they are part of my life just like my family is. That might be right, that might be wrong but I do not care. It is what I am passionate about and it is what keeps me going some days.

Everyone bashes the Pirates, but I still am excited about this team. From walk off hits to great defense they are my baseball team and like Pat said he would not trade this team for any other team, and nor would I. This team is part of my life and I love them. When this team will becomes good there will be thousands of bandwagon fans that will claim that they have been there. They were not here for the struggles. I was. I was with this team and have put my faith in bad management and subpar players. This management is different and I believe.

The Pirates are my team. That is the way it will always be.

Go Bucs.

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