Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Worst. Pirate. Ever. Bucs Lose

It is official, Brian Bixler is the worse Pirate to every put on a jersey. He is worse than JVB, Chad Hermenson, and Pirate Derek Bell put together. If he is on the team next year I might not go to a single game that he is up on the big league roster. I just don't get what they see in him. What is he good at, besides striking out.

I mean Andrew McCutchen walks after a previous walk to make the score 10-4. Bases loaded. Bixler up. What does he do? Strike out to a scrub ass pitcher. I just don't get what the Pirates see in Brian Bixler. He has struck out 24 times in 39 plate appearances. Wow, you have got to be kidding me. Really?

I will do a post after the season about what I had mentioned before but I just couldn't take it tonight. A single there would score two, a double would score three and it would be a 10-7 game. That would at least give the Pirates a chance.

Other than God awful Bixler being in the game it was the same old story for the Pirates. Grab an early lead, then give up a whole bunch and only have one side of the coin work. Pitching struggled a little, offense was pretty good but couldn't push accross many runs.

14 hits for the Pirates and only four runs. Lastings Milledge pulled up his season average to .297 with a three hit performance and Garrett Jones had three hits in the loss. McCutchen and Cedeno each had two hits as the Pirates showed life offensively since the Nixon administration.

Zach Duke gave up five runs in six innings of work while also giving up nine hits. Donny Veal gave up three and Eric Hacker gave up two runs in his first major league. The pitching has been pretty up and down with the up being the starting pitching and the down being the pen. Too bad we can't have 95% of our games be complete games. We would win more games.

What is another loss for these Pirates though? They are one closer to 100 and they are still 5.5 back of the worst record in baseball. I don't even know what to think anymore. I can't wait until next year already. See how this young group of players progress and see what transpires.

Lets Go Bucs

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