Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2009 Bloguin Awards

What do these guys all have in common?

Hit the jump to find out

Our friends over at PSAMP, The Pensblog, and WHYGAVS are up for the 2009 Bloguin Awards.

You can go to this website and vote for our Pittsburgh boys today. So get over there and vote as many times as you can, because they all deserve it.

PSAMP is up for a few awards including funniest blog, best general blog, and blog of the year

WHYGAVS is up for best baseball blog, blogger of the year, and blog of the year

The Pensblog is up for best hockey blog, and blog of the year

Just for reference Pittsburgh blogs are up for three of the eight nominees for blog of the year. Just sayin.

As The Pensblog would say, Do It.

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