Saturday, October 24, 2009

BJ City, Pens Win

When you play terrible hockey for the first two periods and then win a game in a shootout you know things are going well. The Penguins were terribly outplayed in the first period and trailed 2-0. Brent Johnson has to be wonder at this point what the hell he got himself into. He was getting less than no support from the Penguins and it looked as if the Panthers could run away with this game.

To be honest, Johnson was the only reason this game was even close. He should have got five to ten for the saves he was making on David Booth tonight. Booth hopefully will not kill himself as not only did he miss a bunch of GREAT opportunities but he made his best impersonation of Ben Roethlisberger by actually grabbing the puck and throwing it down the ice.

All in all the game was about the third period and Sidney Crosby. Not only did Sid score a power play goal but he also tied the game with a shorty with about three minutes left. The game went to a shootout and Sid scored the only goal there.

Why again is he our leader? I would much rather have Mike Richards who isn't talking to the media. Crosby is so mediore.

Much props need to go to Geno. Not only did he have two assists but he single handidly created the first goal. On the power play the puck was being cleared up the middle with the power play ending and Geno laid out and saved the puck from getting out of the zone, the puck went to Go-Go, he got it to Sid and ended it. What a player.

Devils in like 10 minutes.

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