Saturday, October 31, 2009

Comeback City, Pens win

What a game. There isn't going to be much here because I actually wasn't able to watch the end of the game due to some work obligations. This should about sum everything up:

Look at all those Pens fans.

Jump it.

Nationwide Arena probably had more away fans in it than any arena ever had away fans, ever.

Did that even make sense? You get what I mean.

The Jackets came out buzzing in this game. They were all over the place and the Penguins could do nothing about it. Rick Nash is the real deal. Can't really say anything bad about him. He is just good.

Nash scored the first goal for the Jackets off his knees

I wonder if Rick Nash is used know what, nevermind.

The Jackets keep it coming and don't let up at all on the Penguins.

Nash scores again from a tough angel and made the score 2-0. I am not sure if they do the whole "monster Nash" thing all the time but I can imagine that getting pretty annoying, pretty fast.

The Penguins come storming back when Kunitz gets a semi-breakaway and gets tripped. The only problem was that they was no call on the play. Not really sure what the officials were watching but that was a trip. I guess it worked out for the Penguins as Bing worked the puck behind the net and found Kunitz on the doorstep who went where mom keeps the cookie jar to cut the lead in half. Oh yea, it was a shorty.

Not real sure what Mason was doing there. He was all over the crease and was on his belly when Kunitz scored. Rick Nash was also in the goal. If that was Washington they woulda started throwing hats and called it Ovie Hat Trick 2.0

Columbus comes back and gets a goal to make it 3-1.

The Penguins are cup champions and you don't become champs without facing some adversity. The Penguins faced adversity. A lot of it. Down 3-1 with a little over three minutes left the Penguins went to work. Skoula takes a shot that badly misses goes off the end boards and right to Tenko. Book it.

How excited is it? Its only October. Man I love hockey.

So here we go, we got a game. Get Johnson out of the net early and maybe...

Wow. I didn't see this. Didn't hear it. Saw it on game tracker. But this is what it's all about.

Just listen to Mike Lange make this call.

What a rush. What an end to the game. Did you see the Penguins fans? Did you hear them? If you blow the goal horn I woulda thought it was Mellon Arena. That place was going crazy. Big props to the people there. Pittsburgh is awesome.

Great find by The Pensblog. Listen to the BJ guy call this goal. Hopefully there was no rope there.

Nothing in overtime.

Nothing in the shootout, until this


Here are Errey and Steigy with the call for the Pens highlights.


  • Pens Fans were unreal
  • Columbus fans barely stood for their own teams goals
  • We were way louder
  • Probably 40-50% Pens fans
  • Kunitz got his second game with a goal. Glad he is producing
  • Who is under-producing now? Orpik. When is he going to score a goal and produce?
  • Go-Go has a seven game point streak. He has been real good
  • Brent Johnson is solid, gave up a few early but he battened down the hatches down the stretch
  • Next game in three minutes

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