Saturday, October 10, 2009

Domination. Pens Win

Well if you wanted to know what a good team looked like and what an average (at best) team looked like then you could have just watched the Penguins/Leafs game tonight. The Penguins pretty much did whatever they wanted and the Leafs just look terrible.

Toronto tried to goon it up at the beginning and all they did was look like the Flyers and look terrible in doing it. They tried to be cute and they exposed Vesa Toskala.

Like I said, this is probably better than Toskala right now:

(Yes, that is a shooter tutor)

Well that is about all the good the Leafs were tonight.

In the first period Toronto fans actually had a "Crosby Sucks" chant going. Yea. Nice one. Tools.

Crosby actually scored two goals against your joke franchise. Oh yea, he won 17 of 25 face-offs. Suck it.

Here is an appropriate tweet from tonight about how big of a joke the Leafs are right now:
@rnstrong:'s that 'toughness' & 'grit' working out, Burke, you f****** joke?
So true.

The Penguins actually had Rupp and Godard on the power play at the end of the game. That is how the night went.

Nine different Pens got on the score sheet tonight. Geno had three assists, Crosby had two goals, Cooke got his 100th goal, Sarge had a power play goal, and Staal had a goal. Kunitz, Kennedy, Tenko, Guerin, and Sarge also had an assist for the Penguins. Like I said just did what they want.

Have to be a quick recap tonight as I am still at work so just wanted give you something.

Here is the ESPN box score in case you don't believe me.

Lets Go Pens

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