Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kooooooooooooooooooooo. Pens Win

The Penguins moved to a perfect 5-0 on the road and 6-1 overall after a 3-2 shootout victory at the RBC Center tonight against some Staal guy and the Carolina Hurricans. Chris Kunitz might not have scored a goal yet this season but he has been just cash this year.

Kunitz is throwing his body around, sticking up for the other guys on the ice, dishing the puck and scoring game winning shootout goals on the road. Slump? I think not. We are only seven games into the season.

The game started out real well. The Canes were on acid when this came out and were all over the Penguins, shots, physical, forecheck, they had it all. Then Mike Rupp happened.

What a dirty goal. He turned Cam Ward inside out, then right side out, then inside out again. If Cam Ward somehow got his liquor license back it just got taken away again. All of this from, Mike Rupp. Who would have thought? Great goal to give the Pens a 1-0 lead

Geno Malkin has really just done it all against Cam Ward. Geno put the Pens up 2-0 on a prety nasty goal of his own. He was about two feet of the goal crease and snapped a writeer that went in short side of Cam Ward to put the Pens up two.

MAF was playing really well and you thought that this was going to be a shutout.

Well, the Canes came back hard and had two goals by Ray Whitney who seemly kills the Penguins everytime they play. Two deflection goals tied the game at one. He was at the right place and he knows what to do when he is there.

Cammy Ward might have made the save of the season so far. Sid came down across the blue line and dished a pass cross ice for Kunitz who in turn gave a beautiful one touch pass for a WIDE OPEN Billy Guerin who had 75% of the net to put the puck into. Guerin wasted no time in putting the puck in the ne...glove save by Ward. He literally threw his glove out there and Guerin shot it right into it. What a great save. One of those OMG saves that you have to respect no matter who you cheer for.

The Penguins somehow kept most of the momentum throughout the overtime and going into the shootout. That is when it happened. The Canes scored the first shootout goal on their second attemt and Crosby answered right back. That is when Chris Kunitz happened:


Lets Go Pens

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