Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let Down City. Pens Lose

Picture: Fluery giving away pizza's like the Penguins gave away pucks against the Coyotes.

Look at the pre game post. I said this could be a let down game for the Penguins. Was it ever.

3-0 loss for the Penguins with the empty netter being the third of those goals. Both Yotes goals were on the power play as they had seven power plays on the night. Yea, seven power plays. I thought it was more, but holy shit. These officials were out to make sure that you knew they were there tonight. You knew.

There was no "letting them play" tonight. It was all by the books, with chapters added onto the book. That is no excuse though. The Penguins came out, didn't look good, looked slugish and then looked as if they were very frustrated in the second and third period. That frustration could have been from the 14 give aways the Penguins were credited with. Barf.

The Coyotes did a really nice job to stand the Pens up at the blue line and never really got a lot of good looks as the Yotes did a really nice job of playing defense tonight.

The Penguins played pretty good defense, considering they had to kill 100 power plays. The Pens blocked 17 shots in the loss tonight. Jay McKee is a shot blocking super star.

Brett Johnson saved 22 of 24 shots and made some pretty nice saves. I already feel a lot better about him in net than I did about Garon last year. That is a good thing.

This was the first time, under Disco Dan's tenure, that the Penguins were shut out.

This was one of the worst losses I have seen. Up there with the Toronto loss and the Florida loss from last year. But you know what, its the third game of the season. If we were going to win them all then I would have a problem, but we are going to lose a few.

There are already 175 people ready to quit on the Penguings. Bandwagon. We don't want you anyways. I will bet this, a win tomorrow and nobody remembers we even played today. Chalk that up.

I hate Philadelphia. Lets Go Pens.

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