Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday's News and Notes

A pretty slow and crappy sports news day. There was some bad news today on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

This is what we are looking at when I got into work today. This is not good. Not good at all. I must say that this has not been confirmed yet so there still is a slight glimmer of hope for this to be false but I doubt it. If this is true, and is a three month injury then you are looking at a return in early to mid January. That is playoff time. Remember also that IR in football is not like in hockey. IR in football and you are done for the season.

So, do the Steelers throw Smith on IR and open up a roster spot for something else? Do they keep him on the active roster and make him inactive every game day? The Steelers have done that before, back in 1995 with Rod Woodson. That is going to be a tough call for coach. I think I do not IR him and have him back for playoff time. He is too good of a player to not have in January. Better that way in my opinion.

Willie and Troy are supposed to participate in practice on Tuesday which is a really good sign for them being back and playing some football. I know you shouldn't take a team lightly but I really think that you need to maybe not start Troy, just get him some plays to get his feet wet, bring him in against the Vikings and then you have the bye week to rest him up again for another big game against Denver on Monday night, November 9.

The Penguins will play the Hurricanes on Wednesday. It will be at the Mellon Arena, I hope I hear something like this:

Classic. Especially since it was in Carolina then.

Philly Sucks.

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