Monday, October 5, 2009

News and Notes 10-5-09

This is becoming a trend that looks to be something I am going to do every Monday. Monday is the day after, not too much going on unless the Penguins have a game, which they don't today. They are off until Wednesday so things are slow. That being said Monday's/Tuesdays without Penguin games will most likely have a links post that will go over a little this and that.

First off, what a picture.

Heinz said he was trying to jump on top of Mewelde, but this was awesome to watch during the game. Just sheer job. That and Heinz Ward flexing after running over a Charger DB.

Gerry Dulac's two minute drill of the game last night.

Isaac Redmen gets cut by the Steelers in order to resign Eason. So much for Redmen being the savior to Steelers football.

The PG gives the Steelers Offensive Line an A for their efforts against the Chargers. For that matter, I would give them an A+. They were just off the hook last night creating holes that a plane could land in. What a job. This is the third straight week they have been good. I like it.

Penguins/Islanders Mike Lange

Thats all I got


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