Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Penguins Game Day 12 - vs. Montreal Canadians

Montreal Canadians

7:30 PM, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh Penguins return to the ice to host Hall Gill and the Montreal Canadians

The Penguins will take the ice after their second loss of the season on Saturday to the trapping New Jersey Devils.

The Penguins do not have their defensive pairings out, but you have to assume they will stay the same with Gogo, Tanger, Eaton, Skula, Orpik, and McKee. That is no official, but I would definatly put money on those being the guys we go with. MAF will be in net tonight after his only loss of the season on Saturday. Here are the lines via the Penguins website:


Interesting to note that Tyler Kennedy will not be in the lineup tonight. Disco said that TK has an undisclosed injury and that he should be day-to-day. This could be a hangnail or it could be a broken ankle for all "undisclosed" means.

Also Chris Bourque will be on the second line with Malkin and Feds. Dupuis will be back down to the fourth line with Rupp and Godard. You kinda knew Dupuis was going to get dropped down due to the inconsistency that he gives the Penguins.

Don't get me wrong Dupuis is a gritty player that the Penguins need and should be a very good fourth line players but I sometimes have a better chance of hitting the net than he does. I guess if this is our biggest problem then we are alright. I am find with that.

Bourque is getting another chance. He has not made a huge splash with the Penguins since they claimed him off waivers at the end of September from the Capitals. Disco wants to give him the fare shakedown to see what his has with Bourque, which I am ok with. it might take a while for some people to get into a grove and Disco Dan is giving him all of those opportunities. I don't mind this at all, even though most of Pens nation wants him off the team. If he goes off for a week or two then he was worth the chance.

Montreal is about as new as you get. From the 25 man roster last year the Habs have gotten rid of 13 of those players. I guess that is what you get when your team builds up expectations and flops in the first round of the playoffs.

Scott Gomez will not play for the Habs tonight due to some illness.

Montreal is coming in with a 6-5-0 record so far this year and they have won their last four games after starting 2-5-0.

Jaroslav Halak will start in net for the Habs. He is 4-1-0 this year which is much better than Carey Price's 2-4-0 record. Halak has only yielded eight goals in his last four games so we will be tested tonight against a hot goaltender. Can Price make it up there with the pressure in Montreal? Who knows. I am ok with MAF.

Michael Cammalleri is a new Canadian and leads the way with 14 points (5+7) He is a good player that the Penguins are going to have to clamp down on.

Hall Gill is going to be coming back to the Mellon Arena for the first time since winning the Stanley Cup last year. I sincerely hope that the Mellon faithful give him a standing ovation. Most people thought he was too slow to play in the NHL when the Penguins got him but he was a physical force that was very good in his time here. I know there will be people that boo him when he gets announced as a starter (hopefully he starts) but it should be a standing O when he gets announced and when he is on the ice for the Habs for the first time. The USS was good for the Penguins and led them to a Cup, lets not forget that.

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