Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pens Win, Malkin Out

I wasn't really planning on putting much up today in terms of the Penguins win. I mean sure they beat the hell out of the Canadians 6-1 and it looked as if the Canadians didn't even want to be a part of a hockey game, but when your top line combines for 10 points then I think you are going to be ok against any team.

All is good if you are a Penguins fan. The team is 10-2, took eight of ten points on a five game home swing and are up on the Rangers and the rest of the division. It is still early in the season so much of this doesn't mean anything but there will be times when these games will mean a lot.

Like when one of your top players goes down for 2-3 weeks and you need to rally around the troops. Better to be 10-2 rather than 6-6 like the Canadians.

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This morning I woke up, got into work, was going to read up on the Penguins and get ready for back to back games on Friday and Saturday and they just put a stamp on how they are playing by Crosby hitting up Havlet for three goals and then Carey Price coming in a being the joke that he is and giving up two in the third period in mop up duty.

So I sit down, get on Twitter, as I usually do, and what is the first thing I see? Disco Dan sits down Malkin for 2-3 weeks with a shoulder injury. I was in somewhat of disbelief.

I guess Malkin has been playing with this injury for almost two weeks now so this was not something that happned in the Montreal game. Geno told Disco that he wanted to play and didn't want to sit down but Disco felt that the season was early and that he needs to be healthy for later in the season.

Takings Geno's place on the roster will be Mark Letestu and Chris Conner; Letestu to play middle according to Rob Rossi's twitter account. I am not sure about this Letestu character but Conner has had his cup of coffee in the NHL before so this should not be some major change for him.

Jordan Staal will move up and play with the second line. Tyler Kennedy's availability is still unknown for Friday and Saturday and Max Talbot is still on the shelf with his own shoulder injury so the Penguins are down a few center men. For most teams losing a guy like Malkin would mean no wins. I guess its good to have the depth at center that we do. I mean Sidney Crosby is ok.

It also must be noted that this is a really deep team. Gonchar is down and Go-Go steps right in and fills in very well and Kris Letang has been getting better every month for the Penguins so this is not a total end to the season. Like it was stated this is very early in the season and the Penguins are playing good TEAM hockey. He will be back, He should only miss about 10-12 games so its not something like Sarge last year where he missed 60 some odd games.

Back to the Montreal game. How good is Sidney Crosby? He was the best player on the ice last night and really he could have had like five or six goals last night with the chances he was getting. What on earth was Montreal doing? I mean letting Sid get behind the defense and one on one with one of their goaltenders. Sid is going to have to step up with Geno out but I don't think that will be a problem.

What angers me the most about Penguins fans is how they bash players that work with Sidney Crosby. Chris Kunitz scored his frist goal of the season last night and I bet a 300 pound weight was lifted off his shoulder with that goal. You would think that the only way you are able to produce in the NHL is to score goals. Thank god Kunitz was able to finally produce. People are basing him because he is not scoring, but coming in you should have known he wasn't going to be a huge scorer.

The Pensblog went over this in one of their posts yesterday and when we got Kunitz there were a ton of people that said he would be a good fit for the team but he had no hands, and he wasn't a finisher. He is a grinder that sticks up for his line-mates and will do all the little things for your team. Kunitz does that, and he does it very well. He sets players up for goals and he forces turnovers with his tough play and rugged style. Please get off of Kunitz's back.

In my opinion, Kunitz has been playing well all season. Sure, he is playing with Sid but he is not a sniper, he is not a finisher, he is a good team players that will chip in with a goal here or there. He is not going to score 30 goals. He will create opportunities through hard work and banging in the corner. He will set Sid and Billy G up for goals. I am ok with that. He is a nice fit for the line.

Lets get our minds right. Two games, two days.

Lets Go Pens.

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