Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Slow Day in Paradise

It's a slow day in paradise. Isn't it great to be from Pittsburgh? The Pens are 2-0, the Steelers are sartin to get goin and we have a good chance to have two more good years.

All that aside there was NOTHING going on today.

Ben was on Raw last night and was pretty decent. He was funny and hooked it up with DX for a suck it at the end of the night. Good night.

Ben sent a text message to his offensive linemen. If that's all it takes then hell, I will text the offensive line.

The Steelers did what they wanted to do against the Chargers. Yea, they won. Bottom line.

Mike Tomlin press conference transcript. Good stuff.

I have been really busy so sorry for lack of posts. I will be trying to put together a post-season wrap up of the Pirates but we will see when I get time. Until then I will have Pens stuff tomorrow and Thursday and then we talk Steelers Friday and Saturday.

Do it.

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