Thursday, October 8, 2009

You Stay Classy Philadelphia. Pens Win

Penguins 5, Flyers 4.

Did the Penguins even play last night? I will tell you what, Chris Pronger did an amazing job shutting down the Penguins. Pronger was pretty invisible unless Matt Cooke was hitting him or he was getting a 10 minute misconduct at the end of the game for being a douche.

The Penguins started off this game with a power play and they didn't let the Flyers get off easy (that's what she said). Danny Briere got a penalty like 10 seconds into the game and Geno Malkin put one past Ray Emery to make it 1-0 Pens. After a Danny Briere goal Jordan Staal scored 28 seconds later for the 2-1 Pens lead after one. Jordan Staal was just an absolute beast tonight. What a power move. Emery tried to poke check the puck, but the puck was already in the net before he even got the stick out there. If it were some coke he would have had his stick out there to real it in.

The second period was just straight wild. Briere and Carter scored power play goals at the beginning and end of the period with goals from Bill Guerin and Braden Coburn scored for the Penguins. Yes, Braden Coburn scored for the Penguins. Below the goal line he shoots a puck through the slot (why the hell would you do that?) and it goes off Emery and into their own net. I am sure somehow this was the referee's fault for somehow controlling the puck to go into the Philadelphia net. Jokes.

The third period was crazy. Literally. There were clowns and everything. TK gave the Penguins a two goal lead at the 8:37 mark from a great pass by Cooke into the slot for Kennedy to finish. Jeff Carter got an extra attacker goal with 41 seconds remaining and that is where this video picks up:

So Mike Richards used his leadership to run MAF. No slowing down, no trying to avoid, just straight runs MAF. Then with LeTang standing there and clown-ass Scott Hartnell grabs LeTang, takes him to the ground and allegedly bites him.

You know how you know he bites him? After the game the media talks to Kris LeTang and he says "You go ask him what happened, he will tell you." He follows up with "You go ask him and then you come back and tell me." They proceed to ask if whatever happened to him has ever happened before he said "No, this has never happened to me." You draw your own conclusions, he bit Kris. What an unbelievable joke of a franchise. On top of that Chris Pronger puts Chris Kunitz in a sleeper hold and gets a 10 minute misconduct. What a joke of a franchise.

You know the worst part of the whole thing? That was the loudest the building was all night. Not when the Flyers scored. Not when they might have had a chance to win. When they physically hurt our players when the game was already over. With one second left they start the "Crosby Sucks" chant. I am now fully convinced that they enjoy saying that stupid chant rather than their team win.

Richards should be fined and Hartnell should sure as hell be suspended. What a joke. Some leadership there Richards. Real good. I guess leadership now means running goaltenders and not winning big games.

Talk about jokes, how about Ray Emery and Chris Pronger. Emery stopped 20 of 25 shots and just looked like hell all night. Memo to Philadelphia: Pick up a goaltender. Pronger? I thought he was supposed to shut the Penguins down. I mean you already have God Timonen so how do you even let goals get scored on you? Guess its not that easy. The Flyers have given up 10 goals in the last two games.

So against the Capital and the Penguins (two of the top teams in the East) the Flyers are giving up five goals a game. Nice. Good thing you have Pronger, I guess.

Oh yea, Crosby sucks, right. I guess winning 21 of 24 faceoffs is pretty terrible and setting up teammates for good looks is terrible. Listen, you are jealous, we understand, but lets get a grip. Geno was just unreal tonight. He undressed Ryan Parent and made him look like he was in the third grade with what he was able to do. Malkin was carrying the puck into the zone and just doing whatever he wanted. Oh yea, he had a goal and an assist. The third line was great, Staal was beastly also. What a game.

All in all I pretty much knew what was going to happen. Crosby and Malkin would dominate, the Flyers would goon it up and the Penguins would win. Honestly I thought pretty low of the Flyers but tonight lowered my expectations. What a classless franchise and fan base. I would be embarrassed to be rooting for them and that trash franchise. Go to hell Philly.

Lets Go Pens

EDIT: Here is what Tanger had to say

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