Monday, November 23, 2009

Cats Tamed. Pens Win.

The Penguins used two points from Geno Malkin and a Sid Crosby power play goal in the overtime session.

The Penguins beat a hot Panthers teams that was 8-2-1 in their last 11. Well, make that 8-3-1.

Thomas Vokoun made 42 saves in net. He is the only reason this team even had a chance in this game. He is holding this Panthers team together. Vokoun has faced 36 shots a night this season and has a pretty nice GAA and save %. He will be the reason the team wins this season.

How God awful are the Panthers third jerseys? It is like they took the template of the Penguins throwbacks and had a blind kid paste their logo and pick the colors. Man, if they never wear these again I would be happy. Hell, I am not even a Pathers fan but I am pissed they did that.

Furthermore what the hell is wrong with FSN. I mean they have a power outage every single month and what happens when they come back? They have the Pathers ice girls doing a dance, at center ice, with the lights off. Now I am not sure if the lights being off was because of a power outage but from what I saw my college dance team was better than they were, and they sucked. This was horrid. Not only did I miss the last five minutes of the game but I had to watch that abomination.

Back to the game.

The Panthers came out and did some shit and scored a couple of goals by MAF. MAF played pretty well tonight and he really kept the team in the game once they were down by a few goals.

The Penguins pretty much slept walked through the first two periods and really didn't have much to offer. How many times have you seen the Penguins come back from a couple goals down to win?

The Penguins got on the board in the third when Pascal Dupuis took a shot from the right point and somehow it tipped up in the air and hit off of Vokoun and into the net. As the puck was goign in some Pathers knocked the goal off but it counts anyways.

I will tell you what, I have been sayind Dupuis has been a solid team guy thsi year, not everyone has agreed with me but with his play of late you have to give it to him. Every team needs a guy like Dupuis. Hard working, get into the corner and dig a puck out, speed, gritty, gets a point here and there. When you work hard you get goals like he did tonight. He doesn't have a great shot but he works hard and is a great fourth line guys and a guy that can fill in a top line when needed.

The Penguins then score again with a minute and a half left when Mike Rupp scores again. Mike freakin Rupp. How clutch has this guy been? He scored like three goals last year and he has five already. Shit we don't need Crosby or Geno, we have Mike Rupp.

Penguins go into overtime, and the Panthers commit a penalty. Orpik levels Nathan Horton and hit stick comes up and cuts Orpik. Now, the referee's don't see the high stick, but the linesman does. Rather than a delayed penalty situation the linesman goes to the referee's during the next stopage and tells him about the penalty. Horton goes to the box. Really strange.

Pens power play. Malkin shoots it. Rebound. Sid.


Crosby is so overrated. How is he even a captain? We should trade him.

Detroit lost.

Suck it.

Lets Go Pens.

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