Monday, November 9, 2009

Denver is a Joke. Steelers Win

The Steelers went into Denver and just took it to the Broncos. The first half was a little bit rough but the second half was cash money. Nothing more to say here.

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First Quarter

The Broncos get the ball first and I was almost assured that we were going to get a three and out and get the ball.

I was wrong. Imagine that.

The Broncos take the ball down the field, very methodically and they get three points.

The Steelers get the ball and can’t get anything going. They get one of the few first downs of the half and then they had to get rid of the ball.

The Broncos get the ball back and pick up some yardage and get into Steelers territory but can’t really muster anything. Ike Taylor made a great open field tackle on Brandon Marshall. Third and seven and Marshall caught the ball three yards in front of the stick and Taylor is there for the quick tackle. Swaggin.

The Steelers got the ball back and only went 20 yards and really couldn’t get anything going. The Broncos corners were doing a pretty good job of bumping them off the line and disrupting routes.

You would have thought Ty Law already made the Pro Bowl the way the booth was talking about him. In one play in particular Law was lined up on Ward and he hits him off the line and holds his jersey eight yards down the field. This was called “great coverage” by the team in the booth. I mean shit; I can do down and hold jerseys all day. The Broncos should have signed me.

Second Quarter

Third play of their third series. I think it was Gruden who said that Orton was razor sharp in the game. If razor sharp means throwing a pick six to Ty Carter then he was so razor sharp he cut me at home.

What a play by Chris Hoke. His responsibility was to cover the back out of the backfield. Chris Hoke, in pass coverage. He knocks the back off his route a little, Orton throws a terrible ball and Carter takes it to the house. Nevermind that James Harrison was held on the play and it wasn’t called.

Broncos get the ball, nine plays and only 30 yards and a another terrible punt by Mitch Berger. What a joke.

The rest of the half was mud. It should be noted that a lineman was being held and it got called. It was the second time this season that has happened. I will be keeping you updated on that stat all year.

Here are the halftime stats:

Remember those

Third Quarter

The first drive the Steelers go to the no huddle. They wear dealing. He hits Ward, twice, Tone once and Mendy went for two runs and got the ball to the Broncos 33. Then it happened.

Ben back to pass, fumble, nobody around, six. Shit.

Four plays, 80 yards, 2:07. Easy. That is what the Steelers respond with. A coach once told me it’s not what happens to you it’s how you react. Well I would say that is ok. Here is what the play breakdown looked like:

Ben to Wallace for 18 yards
Mendy for 24 yards
Ben to Tone for 35 yards
Ben to Hines for three yards and a TD

It took me longer to type that than the series took.

Ben your thoughts?

Denver gets the ball back and really has nothing going there. The Steelers D is smelling blood and they are attacking. They try to run, doesn’t work, they try to pass and mess that up.

One interesting thing was on the first incomplete pass of that play. Orton clearly throws a forward pass, incomplete but they let the play run, Farrior picks it up, runs it down and some shit happens then the Broncos get it back. The officials then say that it was an incomplete pass. Then call it incomplete. If Farrior gets hurt there I would be flippin pissed because someone forgot to blow their whistle. Get it together.

Ben comes back, does what he does down the field. Then throws a pick in the red zone. Man, just when the Steelers can get a dagger in and let the defense pin its ears back they just give the Broncos a chance to stay in the game.

Fourth Quarter

The Broncos have a carry over drive and they have to punt. Mitch Berger punts a ball 24 yards. One of the guys in the booth gives the line “They brought in Mitch Berger to try and improve their punting.” This is what Twitter had to say. Funny shit:

The Broncos get the ball back after the Steelers punt on the short field and the Steelers make them pay. Orton throws a TERRIBLE pick and who gets it? Troy. What a human.

The Steelers take over after the pick. Third down. Scramble drill. Mike Wallace. Cash

Watch the game again. Listen before the extra point attempt. Here We Go Steelers chant. Solid. Denver fans=joke.

Kevin Colbert gets a shout out during the cast. Colbert > You. He does not get enough credit.

Denver jobs around. Punts. Steelers get the ball 2 and 18 what happens? Mendenhall goes for 38. The Steelers run the ball out and get down to the three. Third down and goal to go with like 1:30 to go. Bubble screen to Hines, he jumps over Chump Bailey and scores.

To make sure it was done Ty Carter picks Orton on his last throw. Ryan Clark runs 10 yards on the field to congradulate him. What a cool sight.


Rashard Mendenhall was a monster tonight. It wasn't like he had one big gain that was most of his yardage. He was breaking off chuncks of yardage on numerous occations. He ended with 155 yards on only 22 carries. That is 7 yards a carry. Damn. If Rashard is going to get 100 yard games how are you goign to beat the Steelers? That's what up.

What more can you say about Steeler fans? For real. Before the game when the Broncos came out onto the field you could hear the boo's from the stands. I was watching the pregame and all you could see was the stands and I thought the Steelers were coming onto the field, it was actually the Broncos. Everytime Heath caught a ball you heard HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEATH, and after Hines scored all you hear was "Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go." We take over any stadium.

Remember when I told you to remember the halftime stats? Well listen to this. At the half the Steelers had 56 yards. What do they do? They have 319 second half yards. Three first half first downs? That's ok, 18 in the second half. The Steelers did whatever they wanted to in the second half and it was awesome to watch.

The Steelers defense is just unreal. Remember when they couldn't get any pressure and no turnovers? Two sacks, three picks and a touchdown. Orton was only picked one time coming in. I guess the Steelers defense will do that to you. Oh yea, they held Denver to 27 yards rushing which is the fourth lowest in team history since the merger. Nice.

Other Stuff

From @BlackNGold4Ever over at Twitter that brings us this little nugget - Steelers have scored 27 or more pts in 5 consecutive gms 4 the 1st time in club history. Solid Stat

Champ Bailey led the Broncos with 12 tackles. When your cornerback leads your team in tackles then you have problems.

6-2 in a battle for the AFC North lead. Cincy better be ready. Heinz will be rockin.

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