Sunday, November 15, 2009

FG City, Steelers lose.

The Cincinnati Bengals pretty much wraped up the AFC North today with a 18-12 win over the Steelers. Shit. I have no idea what to say. This was a very tough game to watch. Ben played bad, the offense palyed bad, there isn't really much to talk about. The Steelers will not be playing for the wild card spot out of the AFC. By no means do I think this is not a playoff team, because it is.

Game recap after the jump. It's mud, just like the Steelers today.

First Quarter

The Bengals come out and want the ball first to get some points. They gain a few first downs and then the Steelers D puts it on lock down. Missed 51 yard FG. Will Gay was real close to two picks. Good first series for the D.

Steelers get the ball, 3rd and Ben gets sacked and what does he do? Run for 15 and pick up the first down. What a player. Offense couldn't cash in...Jeff Reed cashes in from 28 yards out and give the Steelers an early 3-0 lead.

Scott takes the kick back 96 yards for the touchdown. How bad has our coverage unit done this year. Barf. The Bengals, being the Bengals muff the extra point attempt. Jokes.

Steelers and Bengals trade terrible drives and we come to find out that Troy will not be back for the rest of the game. Ty Carter fills in, and although he is the DPOW he is not as good at SS as he is a free. Shit.

Second Quarter

After the Steelers and Bungles trade punts Stef Logan takes one back 25 or so yards and sets the Steelers up pretty half way through the quarter in Bungles territory. The Steelers get a first down then on the following third and 10 Ben gets away from some pressure and finds Tone. First down. Steelers can't get it done in the red zone. Skippy comes on and goes from 33 yards out. Good.

James Harrison comes back on the next possesion, gets held (again) and still gets the sack. What a machine. Keisel will probably get part of that sack, but it was all Harrison.

Steelers get the ball back. Second and 20 and Ben goes deeeeeeep to Mike Wallace, no chance but the Bungles get called for a PI. Ben just does what he does and gets a screen pass to Mo, then first down to Hines but the Steelers get stopped for the third time inside the 10. Sack, incomplete, incomplete, Skippy, 35, Good.

Third Quarter

Steelers come out and have just a shitty first series. That series was about as productive as Chris Bourque. Ben throws a pick and set up the Bungles deep in Steelers territory. Bungles can't get in the endzone. FG. Tied up

After the offense again shits a brick the Steelers force another FG and the Bengals take the lead again 12-9.

The Steelers offense refuses to pick up a first down, let alone score some points as they are shut down for the 100th time this game. At this point it is very frustrating.

Renegade gets played. You know what that means. Three and out. Woodley sack. Heinz was on fire coming back from the commercial and it just fueled that defense.

Fourth Quarter

Steelers get the first drive of the quarter and work it all the way down the field. The Steelers get an awful call on a third and short. They go for it and Ben picks it up

First and 10 from the 11 and an ill timed holding call sets the Steelers back again. WTF.

ANOTHER Jeff Reed FG nots the score at 12. What is going on with this game?

The Bengals move down the field and get a FG of their own. Are you seeing a trend in this game. Seven redzone trips between the teams and all field goals.

The Steelers go three and out to follow. What a frustrating offensive day for these guys.

The Bungles get the ball and James Harrison loses his temper and takes a 15 yard penalty for reacting to a Bungles player hitting him. The Steelers didn't have a lot of penalties this game, but they all came at a huge time. What a killer.

The Bungles keep gettin first downs. They are at third and eight and Timmons jumps offsides. Big blog. Defense comes up big with two minutes to go. Another Cincinnati field goal and the Bengals are up six.

Who do you want on the field other than Ben Roethlisberger? Nobody. Not today. Fail

Terrible day by the defense. No more than this to read.

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