Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LaRoche and Alverez

I know I haven’t been talking a lot of Pirates lately. Well with work and the Penguins and Steelers also in town so that gives me a lot to talk about. I could squeeze some things in about the Pirates but I mean when you have places such as WHYGAVS and Bucco Fans and Raise the Jolly Roger and North Side Notch and The Mc Effect that focus primarily on the Pirates then it is nice to not have to do a whole ton of off season stuff with the Pirates.

Today I figured I would put some time in and piece together some Pirates stuff and have some opinions about what is going on so far in the off-season.

The article that really got me going was this one from the Trib that said that Andy LaRoche was going to be up for a move when Pedro Alverez is up for good, if he plays third base.

He also praised Alverez and seems to realize that he is the future for the Pirates and that he might have to move his position to stay in the lineup.

LaRoche seems to think that Pedro will stick at third base and that his offensive production will outweigh what his shortcomings might be in the field.

This is awesome. You rarely see professional athletes take what is best for the team into account. He acknowledges that in order for this team to go where it needs to go that Pedro is going to be at third base.

That is why the most recent trade kind of didn’t make a ton of sense to me. I understand that Delwyn Young is not going to be the guy at second and that Pedro isn’t going to be up right away but is Iwamura going to be here a few more years? If LaRoche keeps playing like he finished the year last year then he would most likely move to second base. Maybe I am just looking too much into it.

It is refreshing to see players do this. A young guy who the team drafted first in your posisiton and you say you will move to another position to make the team better. I like it. I guess if this becomes a problem, who to put where, that it is a good problem to have. One that the Pirates haven’t had in a while.

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