Monday, November 2, 2009

The Monday's

Well today just feels like nothing is going on. The Steelers didn't play yesterday, the Penguins were off yesterday and there hasn't been any Pirate news since Cutch took home the BA Rookie of the Year award. I am sure I could come in and throw a whole bunch of links together and get a really good post going for you guys and have some great information about Denver or the west coast trip the Penguins are going to take but to be honest with you all I really don't want to. I am having a slow day and really just don't fee like doing a whole lot.

After the jump I will gather a few links together about this and that, maybe.

Hit it. (That's what she said)

A few of the Penguins were interviewed about what they were for Halloween and here is what the production team came up with. Pretty good watch.

Dick LeBeau is feeling pretty good about his defense. If he thinks its alright then nobody is in any way, shape, or form going to convince me that it is any other way. Dude is the man.

Pensburgh goes and grades a whole bunch of Penguins stuff from the month of October. Did a real nice job. I could have done this, but I was kinda busy. I give the team an A.

Ryan Clark should make a decision soon about whether he is going to play in Denver. For the record I do not think that Clark should play in Denver. His life is way more important than this game. Sure the doctors told him that he would be alright but nobody can be 100% certain of that. He nearly died on the field the last time he was there. If this were a playoff game it would be a lot different, but its not. It's a regular season game that I feel the Steelers should win. As a fan I want him to play to give us a better chance, but this is a mans life. Sit down Ryan.

The Penguins go on the West coast. The Penguins are 5-3 at the Igloo this year and undefeated on the road. I think we will be ok.

Mike Tomlin had a little Q&A today and here is the transcript.

Cotter over at OFTOT finds this great YouTube of Mike Wallace. The end is real good.

I could give you guys more, but I am tired.

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  1. Hey Cory. Figured this would be something worth checking out during the quieter times in Pittsburgh sports.

    If you think it's relevant I would appreciate you linking to it! Thanks and go black and gold.