Friday, November 6, 2009

News and Notes

Not a whole lot going on today. No Penguins, they lost last night, the Steelers don't play until Monday night. There is however stuff still getting done today. Turns out the world does not shut down on days like this. It should. But hey, at least we are not a Flyers fan.

The Steelers will not say whether Ryan Clark is going to play in Denver or not. I am ok with this. It is no secret that Clark probably will not play but the Broncos can't know that for sure. The Steelers are keeping this mum so the Broncos have to prepare for him. Although it might not seem like a lot, Clark is very important to this defense. He is good at what he does and Ty Carter will not play to that level. If the Broncos knew that Carter was going to start then they would most certainly come up with plays to attack Carter.

Along the lines of Mellon Memories, Seth from over at Empty Netters talked with Greg Malone and what he thought of the Igloo

Here is the [unnammed] Steelers Pregame show from the boys at OFTOT and PSAMP

Over at Pens Universe they had a chat with Pens prospect with Eric Tangradi. Good Stuff

From PSAMP: Nick Eason, an actor? You decide.

Is this the worst coverage unit that the Steelers have ever had?

What really happens at the bottom of those NFL piles?

Before we go I want to ask each and every one of you to say a small prayer for the people that have lost their lives in Texas and in Orlando with the shootings. Although this is a pretty lax blog we still have to sit back and reflect at times like this and be thankful for what we have. Nobody knows exactly why those people shot up those places but the people that were hurt did not deserve it. It is very unfortunate that this happens.

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