Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pens Win

I have nothing for the post title. This game can not be summed up in a title. This was the best game I have seen so far this year. This game had it all. Star Power. Goaltending. Power Plays. Up and down hockey. Three goals in like two seconds.

This was a great hockey game between two good teams.

Dan your thoughts?

"Suck it Anaheim"

Jump it

The Penguins played about as bad of a period as they could have in the first. Anaheim took it to the Penguins and go the first goal from Corey Perry. What a player

Between Perry and Nash I think hey are two of the best in the game.

The Penguins get four, count em four, power plays in the first. They looked like shit. I don't think they could have made that look any more terrible.

The Penguins turned it on in the second period.

Mike Rupp is just out of this world so far. Last year's goals for Mike Rupp: 3, this years goals for Mike Rupp (in only 15 games): 4. Cash signing by Shero.

Kris LeTang finally got off the schnide with his first goal of the season. Just a great series by the Penguins in the Anaheim zone. TK draws and penalty and on the delayed call Tang fires a wrist shot over the glove hand of Hiller and the Penguins were up 2-1.

The Ducks tied it up. Vomit.

The third was such an amazing period of hockey to watch. Both teams were on their A game.

Between the two teams they scored three goals in 1:18. Luckily the Penguins scored two of those goals and Anaheim scored only the one.

Let me ask you this. How important is Tyler Kennedy? He was straight cash money all night long. Kennedy made the play of the night when he dove on the ice to keep the play alive and it was right to Alex Goligoski who just burried it in the net for the Penguins lead. What a player.

The Ducks came right back and snuck one by MAF on the short side to tie the score.

The Penguins took the lead for good when Pascal Dupuis finished a 5 on 4.5 when a Ducks player lost his stick. This was the best power play of the night for the Penguins. Sure it was 5 on 5 but the Ducks had a player without the stick and they were scrambling. The Penguins moved the puck, players were moving, they waited for a great shot and just burried it.

That is what the power play should look like. Move around, make something happen. Whatev.

The Ducks came back and were giving it their all to tie it up. MAF city. That is why MAF is a big deal. King Henry lets one in, Emery snorts coke and busts a TV before the period, and Marty lets up three in five seconds. I'd take MAF over all of them.

You want a reason why Sid is the best player in the game?

(Thanks to Pens Universe for the picture)
That is why he is a big deal. OV doesn't do that. OV is waiting at the red line for a pass up ice. MAF tries to cover it, he can't Bing puts his body on the line for the team and keeps the put out of the net by stacking the pads. I don't want to hear that he is not a leader and he shouldn't be a captain. That is why he is the best.

If you told me that we would go 0 for 5 on the power play and not have Geno, Max, Gonch, and give up three goals I would say that it would be a very tough game. That is why this team is the best in hockey. What a team.

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  1. Quote of the post, "OV is waiting at the red line for a pass up ice."

    100% agree with you. Not even sure I've ever seen him lay down on the ice. Thanks for the link man.