Friday, November 6, 2009

Power Outage, Pens Lose

You really couldn't expect it to last forever. I mean you start out 7-0 on the road and you are doing something right. You can't win them all on the road and when you play an up and coming team like the Kings you are going to have your hands full.

Also when you play terrible defense you will be vulnerable to giving up more goals than you score.

You might think that I am just saying this Kings team is up and coming because they beat the Penguins tonight. If you watched Anze Kopitar tonight then you are saying the same thing. If you aren't you 1) didn't watch the game or 2) don't know anything about hockey.

Kopitar was all over the place. He was nothing short of dominating tonight scoring the first two goals for the Kings. He was just gliding on the ice and made a sick move on Fluery for the first goal.

A huge part of the night was how god awful the defense looked. Someone forgot to wake Tanger from the nap he took before the game becuase he played about as bad of a game as he could. He also had the teams most TOI with almost 25 mintues of play. It was just a bad night all around.

MAF was strong for most of the game but he could not hold up for the full 60 mintues. The third period was just an onslaught by the Kings and they beat MAF four times. A lot of good shots by the Kings.

The Kings were just the better team tonight and without Geno, TK, Sarge there is only so much you can do. The Penguins can't win them all. Bounce back in San Jose. Four out of six points on the trip would be a trip that I think we can all say we were happy about.

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