Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I can't believe I haven't talked about this yet. As you may, or may not know, I have a twitter account (threeriversblog) and last night was one of the best Twitter nights of all time.

The boys over at the Pensblog started a hash tag because of Mayor Ravenstahl is getting divorced and nobody is real sure why. What do you do when you don't know why? You make rumors. Boy was this fun.

Ian and John over at Steeler n'at give you a recap of what a hashtag is on Twitter:

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, here's how the "hashtag" works. If you would like to start a topic for people to talk about, you put a # in front of it. For instance, in posts about the Steelers, you would say #Steelers, then anyone looking for posts about the Steelers could search by that tag and see all the posts (or "tweets") about it. Last night, the boys over at The Pensblog decided to start the #ravenstahlrumors hashtag with rumors about Mayor Luke.

Here are some of the best. I had to explain to my roommate from Minnesota what this was about. He really didn't understand. Good stuff.

@dbhaffey Luke has a Rothlisberger doll so he can use the HOV lanes

@Sheepthemoon Luke confessed to barfing after riding the Jack Rabbit.

@Anthony_T_and_A Luke will say "Today feels like Sunday" on Thanksgiving more than once

@Buellamarie Luke's cologne is made from real bits of panther, so you know it's good

@karlsagan Luke yells "shoot" during Pens power plays

@BadAndyB Luke Ravenstahl joined a group called "We wont pay for fb, we'll leave if that happens"

@sportsocracy Luke wants to put up bunkbeds so there's extra space in his room to do activities.

@jackieinserra Luke rides his big wheel around the living room and pretends hes on Sons Of Anarchy.

@alliebot Luke moves your folding chair and parks in your space anyway

@FSBigBob: Luke Sleeps With A Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddy

@J_Royall Luke's life before becoming mayor was EXACTLY like the blk & wt "has this ever happened to you" scenes from infomercials

@dolambert Luke pees like a big boy! (Pants and undies down around ankles)

@karlsagan When Luke was on Price Is Right, he asked the audience for help

@BankruptAustin Luke dropped her so that he can play more Modern Warfare 2

@DUchemist lukey's marriage isn't making the playoffs

@DAVEandDAVEshow Luke says he'll fight for custody of his Color Me Bad cds.

@CNsbtt The Buffalo Bills today contacted Luke for their open head coach position.

@JanePitt Lukey became a raging alcoholic from regularly playing the Luke Ravenstahl Move Forward Drinking Game.

@RizzIUP Instead of Steelerstahl, the, now divorced, Luke Ravenstahl will change his name to eHarmonystahl

@ScareHouseScott Luke is standing outside Julie Bologna's window with a boom box over his head playing "In Your Eyes"

@whistler: Luke has secretly been the Pirates GM since 1994

@DAVEandDAVEshow Luke wears his snuggie open in the front

@pghsciencenerd: Luke was the lady on "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" who had a baby in her pants

@brcatlin Erin walked in on Luke watching two girls one cup

@DAVEandDAVEshow Luke and Miley Cyrus have matching uggs.

@toby_is_cute: Luke let all his crops die on Farmville

@olambert Luke failed to use the one urinal separation rule

@jasonparkhill Luke shot Plax in the thigh and made him take the blame. Just because

@Sheepthemoon Divorce only solution to ongoing Team Edward/Team Jacob rift in Ravenstahl household.

@Pensblog Luke killed jfk

@wdsutherin Luke us the reason the special teams can't tackle

@Speez32 it was Luke in Adam's crotch at the AMA's and he liked it.

@BankruptAustin Luke is going to Star in a new Swiffer commercial with the old broom singing "Baby Come Back."

@freakshowmikey The high powered philly lawyer Luke hired is Mike Richards, Luke wanted leadership to defend him

@DAVEandDAVEshow Luke tapped Onorato's foot under the stall in a US Airways bathroom.

@Chubs_KGun Ravenstahl won't allow Pitt to play Penn State

@crashovrride Luke is the reason Joey left Dawson.

@rnstrong Ravenstahl did anything for love AND did that.

@ThreeRiversBlog Luke causes the FSN shutdowns during games

@BrooklineBetty Luke made Fedko shave his stache!

@karlsagan Luke purchased Don Cannon a few drinks the night of the DUI

@peloos: Luke has a Bruce Arians poster in his bedroom

@BobErrey Luke scheduled Yani at the Mellon instead of Game 6.

@miche11ehcim: Luke lovingly reminisces about Rico Fata

@freakshowmikey Luke probably cost me 500 followers tonight that don't live in Pittsburgh

@thesteelersnat Luke told Brett Favre not to retire

There are so many more...Go to here to read em...So good.

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