Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reassessing the Steelers loss

Now the Steelers lost and it is going to be a shitty week for most of us that are the diehard Steelers fans. Especially for me since I work with a Bungles fan.

I will print this out for him:

Now I was sitting here and watching NCIS reruns, because Gibbs is a badass, and not watching football. I was on and off Twitter and thinking about the rest of the season. This is what it looks like down the stretch:

Now right now the Steelers are a 6-3 team and 1-2 in the AFC North. Here is how the standings look as of Sunday night after the Patriots/Colts game:

Right now, if the season ended today the Steelers are in the playoffs so in all reality they control their own destiny. They play a group of three teams (Oakland, Kansas City and Cleveland) that are a combined 5-21. I know you can't really count up wins before you play but I am going to because this is my blog and I can do what I want.

The Steelers beat those three bottom feeders. Nine wins. You then have four games against Green Bay, Miami, and two games against Baltimore. Nine wins before those games and all the Steelers have to do split the games with Baltimore, Green Bay and Miami. I think we can hadle that. 11 wins get us in the playoffs. Does not win the division, but it gets you in the playoffs. Once you get in, anything can happen.

We get in as a Wild Card and we most likely get to play the winner of the South. That is San Diego and Denver. Does that really scare you a lot? Not so much here. We owned Denver and San Diego so I think things are going to be alright.

I feel really good about this team and think they can make a lot of noise in the playoffs. Remember 2005? I do. This can be a lot like that. Struggle early and mid season and turn it on and play great football late in the season, when great football needs to be played. Lets get ready for Kansas City. Get your mind right.

Here We Go

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