Monday, November 30, 2009

Rupp Sucks. Pens Win

What a game. If I told you that the Penguins win 5-2 and only three players would score goals in the game you probably would have said I was crazy. Hell, I would never had said something like that. I am not crazy.

Mike Rupp set a new career high in goals in a season and he scored a hat trick tonight. What a player. He was happy as shit when he threw the puck into the empty net from behind the Penguins blue line.

The Rangers came out just buzzin. MAF did everything he could to keep the Penguins in this game. The Rangers always play the Penguins tough in MSG but tonight was different. The Penguins weathered the storm and made the Rangers pay for their inexperience on the blueline.

The Rangers opened up the game on top when Marion Gaborik scored his 20th goal of the season. Things did not feel good in my stomach, and it wasn't because of two hotdogs I had just eaten.

How the Penguins respond would be a tall tell sign of how...

11 seconds later the most overrated player in hockey scores. Man he has really been hurting the Penguins.

A few minutes later it was a thing of beauty when Jordan Staal wins the faceoff forward from the right offensive zone circle and backhands it across the crease and finds Mike Rupp who goes backhand, save, backhand, score.

The Rangers fight back late in the period and get the power play on a terrible call on Sarge for "holding the stick". Actually the only reason the penalty was called was because the Rangers fans were booing because Crosby wasn't called for a trip (which was actually a Rangers player diving). Bullshit call.

Gaborik, score.

2-2 at the end of the second period. The first goal of the third was going to be huge. The Penguins just came to play. They burried the Rangers.

Mike Rupp set a new career high with his seventh goal of the season 11 mintues into the period. Cash.

A one goal lead in the NHL doesn't mean shit anymore. That is why it would be huge to get another goal and not even toy with the notion of giving a point to the Rangers. We know what those points will mean at the end of the season.

The Rangers ice the puck, have to keep tired bodies on the ice. Sid wins the faceoff, goes to Skoula then to the right point to Eaton who just throws a shot on net, redirected by Sid. 4-2. What an overrated player. He never gets big goals.

Father time shows up at MSG and most of the fans are out of the building already. What a bunch of jokes. Go watch the Giants or Jets suck now.

Lundy gets pulled and Disco throws Rupp out there. From way downtown. Bang.

This was the first time I ever saw Disco Dan with any emotion on the bench. He was grinning from ear to ear when Mike Rupp came to the bench after the ENG. That is how you get players to play hard for you. Fourth line guy has two goals, and does not score much, yet he throws him out there with Sid at the end of the game to give him a chance to get the hatter.

Other Stuff

Sid gets two goals and an assists. That is five goals in the last two games. Money.

The Rangers have given up 18 goals in their last three games. What on earth is wrong with that team? Sure the defense is young and inexperienced but come on.

The Penguins totally controled the second period. 14 shots but it seemed like 50

33 shots for the game. Remember when the Penguins couldn't buy 30 shots in a game?

MAF has now run off five straight wins. Remember when he wasn't a big time goalie? that was a big time win tonight.

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