Sunday, November 22, 2009

Steeler Lose to lowly Chiefs

What is there to say? I have no idea what the hell is going on. This could be worse, we could be the Browns. Hell, if we lose to the Browns then we have real problems.

515 total yards of offense and you don't win.

I have no idea.

No pictures for the post because I am sick of thinking about this game. Shit.

First Quarter

Jamaal Charles takes the kick back 97 yards for the touchdown to open up the game. The fourth time this season the Steelers have given up a kick return for a touchdown. What needs to be done here? Well at least it was the first play and not the last play that put the Cheifs in the lead, right?

The Steelers get the ball back after the Chiefs down the ball inside the five and the Steelers go to work. They move the ball out past the 20 then on 2nd and four Ben finds Mike Wallace for like 30 yards, then he fumbles.

The Steelers literally can’t do anything right. I am beginning to wonder if they honestly remembered there was a game today or did they wake up and wonder why they were not in Pittsburgh?

The Steelers defense just continues to be great. Charles goes for eight on first down then it is shut down city.

The Steelers took more penalties than your grandmother does Metamucil on the Steelers next drive. Not only that, but Willie Parker is on the field to confirm the report that he is, in fact, still alive.

Nothing like being in FG range then two plays later being on your own side of the field.

Mewelde Moore is the real deal. If you don’t know, now you know. Hines fumbles the ball out of bounce on one of the plays, luckily it does not stay in the field of play. Thank God.

Ben couldn’t find 60 minutes in the end zone on third down and have to settle for three off the toe of Jeff Reed.

Second Quarter

Actually, Reed’s FG was in the second quarter. But I count it in the first. You know why? I can do what I want.

The Steelers defense is pretty good at giving up 8-9 yards on first down and not giving up any more. It also doesn’t hurt to have the Chiefs run game as scary as a teletubby. Honestly LaMarr Woodley might not have the numbers this year, but dude is just a freak on the outside.

The defense forces a 3rd and 15. Did any of you really think that the Chiefs were going to convert that 3rd and 15?

You know what it’s like to get the surprise you want at Christmas and open it and just know you are the man. That is what the Steelers next drive was. 10 plays, 95 yards. Heath Miller basically did what he wanted on that drive. He had like 60 yards receiving or something stupid like that.

To think Kansas City almost had the Penguins. Actually, now that I think of it, the Penguins might be Kansas City’s best team.

The Steelers get the ball back and go back down the field, again, pretty much playing against their practice squad. Heath Miller. TD. Cash.

Here are the halftime stats:

I mean look at that drubbing. The Steelers dominate the TOP and almost every statistical category except in special teams touchdowns. Too bad none of this matters.

An Amber Alert was sent out for the Kansas City Chiefs

Third Quarter

The Steelers come out and something happened that you never, I mean never see. Heath Miller lets a ball goes through his hands, hits his chest, goes into the air and it gets picked off.

The National Guard actually found the Kansas City Chief’s offense and they scored a touchdown and I wanna say they got as many yards on that drive as they did in the whole first half, but I dunno. I think I am right. Whatev.

The Steelers do what they do. Ben gets the ball to Tone a few times getting the Steelers to the 10 yard line and then Ben makes that mistake.

Ben gets the ball tipped and into the arms of some no name linebacker from Kansas City. Mendenhall does a great job to tackle Studebaker at the 10 yard line in Steelers territory. Was that a huge tackle by Mendy or what? Why you say? Woodley sack, five yard gain, Harrison sack. Hold KC to only a FG. Tie game.

Fourth Quarter

The Steelers go three and out and give the ball back to KC, but really did you expect them to go down and get points? Not really. Third down, Timmons strip sack and Silverback gets the fumble recovery. Ben works it the rest of the 30 yards and passes it to Mendy for the touchdown.

Kansas City goes 76 yards in two plays on the next drive. They woke up. I guess when you play the World Champs you play your best game. The second half has so far been a lot better than the first half for the Chiefs.

The Steelers had several chances to end it in regulation but Ben just couldn’t get the ball deep enough for Reed. Overtime.


Steelers get the ball first, take it right down the field. Ben scrambles on a second down play and gets hit in the head. Did not look good. Charlie comes in and hooks up with Tone for 17 but then falters later in the drive.

The Steelers had the ball at the KC 40 yard line and on third and two from the 37 they lose a yard on a toss play. Really sketchy play call. I mean as I said in the preview I am noone to bitch about play calls but getting the ball run up the middle or throwing a short slant or something would have been perfect. Reed could still try from 50.

KC gets the ball back. Cassel to Chambers down to the Steelers two. Game.

I have no idea what to say. Worst loss since he 06 season when the Steelers lost to the Raiders. Honestly the turnovers and special teams got us today. Ben throws a pick in the red zone, give up the opening kick off for a touchdown, Wallace fumbling, and so many penalties.

I guess you have to hope for Kemo and Ben to be ok for next week because we need this win against the Ravens. There are still six games left and I really think we can win five on them. Every seasons there are games that teams are going to win that they are “not supposed to” and they are going to lose games they are “not supposed to”. This was one of those. We go out and beat Baltimore in Baltimore and we are in good shape in my opinion.

Going in I really thought we had a shot of beating KC and losing at Baltimore when I was going over my playoff scenios in my previous post. I felt we could win 3 of the next 4 (KC, @ Baltimore, Clev, and Oakland). So we win next week and this game is almost a moot point.

Go ahead, click the link and see what I said about our playoff chances.

Lets get our minds right. You are going to take a lot of flack as Steelers fans this week but just suck it up. We are a top flight NFL program. We will bounce back. It’s not like KC isn’t an NFL team. This is not a Syracuse losing to a small D-II situation, it’s the NFL.

But how do you lose when you get stats like this?

Bring it Baltimore

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