Monday, November 30, 2009

Double-D's, Steelers Lose

The Steelers dropped tonights game to the Ravens. Boy was it tough. The game was all about how the Steelers would do with their third string QB in the lineup and they faired pretty well. It was an ill-timed INT in overtime that did the Steelers in. When Baltimore comes to Pittsburgh it is going to be an entirely different game. That game will probably determine the Wild Card seed.

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Before the game even starts I want to throw up because I have to look and listen to Chris Collensworth all game. I do no not want to do this at all. The only thing making this tollorable is the Rolling Rock that I am able to buy at the store. Thank God for Rolling Rock.

We then see the Baltimore Ravens come out onto the field and their fans are waving white towels. Are you kidding me? What makes me laugh though is that @PatMuldowney gives us this great tweet: "These Ravens fans are waving a cheap immitation of the Terrible Towel." -Bill Hillgrove. Oh man that is great.

First Half

Steelers get the ball and go run, run, screen (that gets batted down) and they punt it away. Baltimore is horrible in the first drive of games and what do they do? Get four first downs and score a touchdown. Not really how they wanted the game to start.

The Steelers D balls up and gets a stop. After the Danny S. punt and gives DD’s another chance to make a play, and he can’t. Wasn’t really given much of a chance. Steelers get a few funs and safe play calling. Steelers D gets a three and out.

The play book opens. Double D’s finds Hines for a first down then the very next play he goes play action for Tone, to the house.

Mike your thoughts?

The Steelers defense continues to play well and make the Ravens punt again. The Ravens were able to pick up a first down but the secondary really did a nice job on that drive. Tyrone Carter actually had some good coverage on the third down play that really made the difference in the drive.

Double D’s get the ball back and starts to show why the Steelers drafted him. Medenhall starts the series off with some nice runs as they get into Baltimore territory. Dennis then faces a third down and does a real nice job of pointing out the blitz, stepping up in the pocket and throwing a dart to Tone for a first down.

The Steelers then got a huge break on when the officials spotted a hold on the Ravens defensive line on a third and 11 to give the Steelers a first down. A couple penalties later the Steelers punt, but Double-D’s does not look as bad as some may want you to think.

Baltimore comes back and score a touchdown on the next drive. Derek Mason scores on a fade pass from Joey Flacco to give the Ravens the seven point lead. I really wish our D could step up and make a play and hold them to three. Steelers get the ball and run out the half with a minute and a half left.

Second Half

The second half starts with the Ravens getting the ball, a 16 yard run opens it up and then a first down pass to Mason but Will Gay makes a great play to cause him to fumble and Ty Carter picks it up. The defense is finally making plays.

The Steelers can’t get much going after that. The defense again goes out and plays pretty well, Aaron Smith gets a sack off of great pressure from LaMarr Woodley and the Steelers get the ball back at the 50, down seven.

The Steelers get a big 20 yard gain from Mendy who makes a great play to turn a five yard gain into that 20 on a check down by Dixon to put the Steelers in FG range early. Dixon JUST misses Mike Wallace on a possible touchdown pass. The Ravens bring the house plus the kitchen sink on third down and Double-D’s just throws it high of Ward.

Jeff Reed, cash.

LaMarr Woodley is just cash money all game today. On the next Ravens drive on third and 16 Woodley breaks a double team and sacks Joey to force the punt.

Not much else going on in the third quarter. Couple good plays, couple punts. Mud.

The fourth quarter was out of this world. I have no idea where this recap is but the Steelers down four, it was like third down and Dennis Dixon goes play action and runs it in from like 30 yards out for the three point Pittsburgh lead.

I was screaming like nobody’s business. What a play, and what a gutsy play call. Moore made a great block and there was nobody else around to stop Dixon from going into the house.

Baltimore came back and worked the ball down the field and kicked a field goal to tie it up. Both teams got a chance to win it before the game was over but there was nothing going either way.


The Steelers and Ravens went to overtime. This was a perfect end to a great game. The Steelers won the toss and got the ball first. The Steelers had to punt and really pinned the Ravens back. The Steelers got the ball in a great spot but Double-D’s threw a pick. What an ill timed turnover for the Steelers. The Ravens kick a FG and win. What a tough loss.

This was a really tough loss to swallow, but when you can go into a place like Baltimore, with your third string QB and a backup rookie lineman and no Troy P and you take the Ravens into overtime I feel you did a nice job.

There are some holes on this team that need to get fixed up quickly. Special teams was still a pretty big concern tonight. The punt coverage team did a terrible job tonight. Sure there were not a huge return but that is only because of penalties that brought good returns back. This is the big improvement the team still needs to work on.

The secondary was pretty bad as well. William Gay continues to get picked on when Troy isn’t in the lineup. Ty Carter and Ike Taylor didn’t play particularly well in the secondary and had several missed tackles late in the fourth quarter that led to the Ravens tying this game up.

LaMarr Woodley is just an absolute beast. He is really just getting better every week. The Steelers got to Flacco often in the second half and it was mainly beause of Woodley. Even on running plays he was breaking double teams and getting tackles. What a player.

Dennis Dixon played a really nice game. The playbook was not open to him for much of the game but he did what he could. I was pretty impressed with some of the throws he made and what he was able to do. He was kept clean the entire game and had some room in the pocket to move. Can’t fault him at all for this game. He kept us in it and never let it get to a two score game. That’s all I wanted.

Rashard Mendenhall ran really well tonight. He finished with 95 yards on 24 carries and he really got really good yards after carry. He picked up his quarterback and gave him a great chance on the play action. The run was setting up the pass tonight. If he comes to play like this every game the Steelers will be in good shape. Mendenhall also is the best the Steelers have in blitz pickup. He did a great job on Ray Lewis and gave Dennis the time he needed.

I think the Steelers are still in good shape. They are now 6-5 but they have some games that they can really win down the stretch. They play Oakland this upcoming week which should get them back on the winning track. They then will play the Browns and then get back to back home games against Green Bay and Baltimore. I mean it is pretty realistic to think that they can win all of those games and be right there. That Baltimore game in Pittsburgh is going to be a huge one.

Remember back in 2005 when the Steelers had to pretty much win out to get into the playoff with five or six games left. Remember what happened? They will be alright. Keep the faith.

Updated playoff picture to come soon.

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