Saturday, November 21, 2009

Steelers Game Day 10 - @ Kansas City

The Steelers might not have lost the AFC North Division last week with that loss to the Bengals then they are pretty close. The Bengals have the one game lead on the Steelers plus the tiebreaker so it is going to be pretty hard for the Steelers to come back and win the AFC North.

Now I am not saying that the Steelers are out of the race. There is still plenty of time for the Steelers to make a run, and overtake the Bengals. There are seven games left in the NFL season and there is a lot of changing that is going to be going on within the division and the conference.

The Steelers play the Chiefs this weekend. Now trying to hype up the Chiefs is about as easy as taking a Cleveland Browns fan seriously when they think they are going to make the playoffs at the beginning of the year. I will try my best. I guess

Last week:
Cincinnati 18, Pittsburgh 12
Passing: Roethlisberger: 20/40, 174 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT
Rushing: Mendenhall: 13 car, 36 yards
Receiving: Holmes: 7 rec, 88 yards

Kansas City 16, Oakland 10
Passing: Cassel: 19/34, 216 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT
Rushing: Charles: 18 carries 103 yards, 1 TD
Receiving: Bowe: 6 rec, 91 yards

Offense (rank in NFL)

Total Offense

Pittsburgh: 364.7 yards/game (9th)
Kansas City: 266.6 yards/game (30th)


Pittsburgh: 253.3 yards/game (8th)
Kansas City: 166.6 yards/game (28th)


Pittsburgh: 111.3 yards/game (17th)
Kansas City: 100 yards/game (24th)


Pittsburgh: 23 points/game (15th)
Kansas City: 15.8 points/game (27th)


Total Defense

Pittsburgh: 277.4 yards/game (2nd)
Kansas City: 375.6 yards/game (27th)


Pittsburgh: 69.3 yards/game (1st)
Kansas City: 141.3 yards/game (27th)


Pittsburgh: 208.1 yards/game (12th)
Kansas City: 234.2 yards/game (24th)


Pittsburgh: 17.4 points/game (6th)
Kansas City: 23.9 points/game (23rd)

The Chiefs are a dismal team. They signed Matt Cassel over the off season and he hasn't really paid off. They don't score a lot of touchdowns and have lost their top two players (Larry Johnson and Dwayne Bowe) for this week. Johnson was traded and Bowe is suspended for violating the substance abuse agreement in the NFL. Without Bowe they do not how much on offense and the Steelers need to be ready to take advantage on that.

The Steelers defense could have a field day with this Chiefs offense. The Chiefs bread and butter is their running game. We all know how the Steelers handle the running game by shutting it down and making you throw the football to beat them. The Chiefs have some pedestrian recievers so hopefully this is a case where the Steelers pin their ears back and get just after Matt Cassel and make it happen.

The Steelers offense needs this game. They did not look very good against the Bengals and Ben had his worst game of the season to date. Ben looked shaky and did not throw the ball well from the pocket. Am I worried? Hell no. Ben is one of the best in the game and he knows how to get shit done.

What the Bengals did to the Steelers was very smart and a lot of teams around the league are going to start to do this more. Show blitz and make the Steelers keep Heath Miller in to block and inevitably not bring the blitz and have Miller not out there for another option. Heather Miller is one of the best TE in the league both blocking and receiving. He is very dangerous in the middle of the field and in the soft spots so the Steelers might have to get him into routs and take chances with the blitzing teams. Once Ben hits Heath for eight yards three straight times the defense will not be able to blitz at will.

The special teams needs to show something this week. They have given up too many kick returns for touchdowns this year at big points. Stef Logan is getting closer and closer to not being on this team. Mike Wallace was returning some kicks last week and that does not spell good for a player (Logan) that is only on the team to be on special teams. The Steelers also have to stay in their lanes and make tackles. Once returners break that first line its game over. You know that, and I know that. Get it sured up. Our defense is too good and our offense is good too so lets sure this up and be good in all three aspects.

Do the Steelers need to run the ball more? Sure, probably. I mean if everyone out there bitching was such a good coordinator then why don't they have a job in the NFL? I mean if they run the ball 35 times the same people will bitch because they need to throw it more. There is no winning for the BA and the offensive play calling. Sure Mendy should get a couple of more carries but who am I to judge? I am ok with what they are doing.

Really nothing more to say. The Steelers should have this game. Get back on track.

Steelers 30, Kansas City 14

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