Saturday, November 28, 2009

Steelers Game Day 11 - @ Baltimore Ravens

We are going to do things a little bit different here today for our pregame Steelers post. I am going to throw out the statistical part, throw out what teams did last week and who gives a shit about the history of the two teams and what they have done this season.

This is the Baltimore Ravens we are talking about.

How bad do you just want to punt one of these?

We just found out Friday into Satursday that Ben is not going to be playing. He got a few headaches and he and the Steelers, decided it would be best for him to sit down for the contest. Couple that with the fact that Charlie Batch is down for atleast a couple weeks with a broken wrist we have our number three QB, DD's, starting for us.

For those of you that don't know DD's that is Dennis Dixon.

Dennis has only thrown one pass in his short NFL career, but he will basically be all we have on Sunday. He goes down and Hines Ward will probably have to come in and play some ball for us. You know what, I don't care. The defense is sure as hell going to have to step up and make some shit happen. Without Troy in the lineup Ty Carter is going to have to play to the level he did when Ryan Clark was on the sidelines in Denver.

Stop the run. Make Joe Flacco beat us and let 92 and 56 pin their ears back and get after Joey. Flacco hasn't been playing ball like he was at the beginning of the season so its not like we are facing the greatest offense since sliced bread like some people wanted you to think earlier in the season.

If you need to come here and have me remind you what this game means to Steelers Nation then you need to quit watching football all together. Games like this are what its all about. You remember when you used to play your big rival when you were like 8 or something and you still thought you could play. Magnify that by a million and that is what this game is.

It is going to take a complete team effort to get this win. Going into a hostile environment. The Steelers D is going to be relied on heavily and they will show up to play. They also do in big games. Dennis Dixon will do the job. He wouldn't be there if the Steelers didn't believe he could play. I don't usually drop the f bomb on here but sometimes it is needed. Lets get behind our team and lets get this fucking win and shut up every critic of this team. Here we go.

Do it.

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