Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crosby Sucks. Pens Win.

Another night, another win over the Flyers. The Flyers probably played one of their best games of the year, in a loss. Kris Letang and Sidney Crosby scored shootout goals and the Flyers were shut out by Marc Andre Fluery in the Penguins second win over the Flyers in the last three days.

The Flyers gooned it up. The Penguins won again.

The Flyers actually got on the board first with a Jeff Carter goal just 1:15 into the game. Nonetheless Daniel Carcillo took a penalty and dad found the back of the net for the tie.

Claude Giroux got the Flyers back on top with another power play goal but then it happened. Sid decided he wanted to score and he did. Chris Pronger was supposed to come in and shut him down but Pronger gave Bing a perfect pass and he just dropped a bomb to tie the game mid way through the second.

This was a really good game the rest of the way. Teams traded chances and both teams got some great looks. You know a goalie is the real deal when he decides to put his team on his back and will them to points. MAF did that tonight. He was just spectacular in goal and made some highlight reel saves on Carter and company.

Another rare situation took place in the game when overtime went to three on three when Orpik and Carcillo both went to the box. Honestly I don't think the players knew what to do during the three on three. There was a lot of skating in circles and not a lot of action. There was so much wide open space I don't think they really realised what to do with it.

That can't be something that goes on in practice. I mean you talk abotu the Winter Classic being a throwback to the old times, well three on three overtimes are a throwback too. Throwback to the times when you used to play on the street, three on three, with no goaltenders.

Another thing that needs changed in the overtime system with shootout. That was a great game tonight that was decided by a skills competition. I mean sure it worked out in the Penguins favor but I could have gone for a little more hockey. That was a really good game between two rivals and it just needed to go a little farther. Just my opinion though.

I used to hate hearing the Crosby sucks chant but now it just makes me laugh. Bing scores and what is the next thing that the Flyer fans do? Chanting Crosby sucks, right after he scores a goal. What does that even accomplish? Not a whole lot excpect make me smile and laugh.'

The shootout was pretty dominating all the way around. MAF mad a save on Claude Giroux after Brier missed the net. Kris Letang just made Brian Boucher look like a complete fool. The little head and shoulder fake that Tang gave just froze Boucher and he literally flopped around like a fish out of water on the ice and had no chance as Tang went top shelf. Bing came up next and ended it. What a pefect ending.

During the broadcast FSN came in with a money stat. Check this out:

Says a lot doesn't it?

The Penguins gaiend four points and gave up one to the Flyers in the home and home. I am alright with that. Pretty good showing for the Penguins.

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