Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dominated. Pens Win

You wanna know why the Penguins are champions and the Flyers are fluttering around .500? Watch this game. The Flyers want to muck it up and the Penguins throw up the bird and say we are going to burry you.

The Penguins started early, and kept it coming often (that's what she said) and downed the Flyers 6-1 at Lady Mellon tonight.

Let me just start off and say that I give big ups to people down in the barn. It was definatly a playoff atmosphere there tonight and everyone there was on their A game from the drop of the puck. It was great to watch it on TV and hear how buzzing it was. *standing o*

It has noted that the Penguins power play has been bad all season. What happens to start the game? The Flyers take a penalty and the Penguins bad power play hooks it up big time. Sarge takes a slap shot that hits Tenko and right to Crosby to burry the puck in the net. 1-0.

What happened next was something that you can't even really explain. Three fights all in a matter of 16 seconds. Mike Rupp first squared off against Aaron Asham then six seconds later Godard went against Cote and 10 seconds later Adams went against Carcillo. What a wild 16 seconds.

What happens right after that? Dad scores.

The Flyers come back and who else scores but Dan Carcillo. What a joke. He throws his arms up in the air and runs into the glass as everyone that is sitting there throws the middle finger up.

This dude is a total douche.

The Carcillo goal was a power play goal when Geno was in the box. Two min later Geno goes back into the box and you can feel the "you have got to be kidding me" feeling that you get. Just when you are thinking that a goal is scored,

by Jordan Staal. Shorie.

Staal opened up the second period with another goal off. Sid gets the puck to Tanger and instead of shooting it he just throws it off of Boucher's far pad and Staal is there again. What a play by Tang.

The third period was just a case of the Flyers quitting and giving up on the game. It was really sad to watch, but I laughed the entire time. Geno is rushing up ice and gets a no look off to Tenko who one times it top right corner on Boucher to make it 5-1.

Godard takes a late penalty and if the next sequence doesn't say that the Flyers quit then I don't know what does. The Flyers are on the power play, Geno get the puck in his own end, skates the length of the ice and just fires a shot on net and he scores. Geno knows the Flyers quit, he didn't even celebrate the goal.

What a joke.

MAF didn't have his best tonight but you know what he still stopped 26 shots. That is what big time goalies do. He coulda let it get to a 3-2 or 4-2 game but he said no. That is why he is a big deal.

Sid now has scored 49 points in 28 career games against the Flyers. You know the best part, in Philadelphia Thursday night the crowd will still chant "Crosby Sucks". No wonder people think your city is a joke. The jealousy that radiates from Philadelphia when the Penguins come in is boarderline sicking.

Hey Philadelphia why don't you go throw some snowballs at Santa.

See you Thursday bitches.

Suck it.


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