Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great Day to Be Alive

It's Wednesday. Nine days till Christmas, and you, like me, are getting antsy to be done with work and get on with festivities you have planned.

With the holiday cheer that the Pittsburgh Penguins brought me last night I think I am going to throw a little news and notes up here today. If you think there is something important the leave it in the comments section.

For those of you that missed it, here is the recap of the Penguins/Flyers game:

Seriously, I have to ask. How do you justify paying Scott Harnell $4 million a year? What does he do for your team but take terrible penalties at big times?

Actually check out the what the Flyers pay their players for their production:

Mike Richards and Jeff Carter have 26 and 25 points respectively. Dan Brier has 19 points. What are they spending this money on? Don't even get me started on Chris Pronger. He is old as balls and the Flyers have him signed for 18 more years. Way to go. Richards is tied for 49th in scoring. Nice job improving your team to run with the Penguins.

The Flyers signed Pronger to match up on Crosby. We will see how that goes tomorrow.

On to more pressing things.

Mike Lange's goal calls from last night's game. I love listening to that man.

James Walker has a nice post up today about how the Pro Bowl voting is looking. Although the Steelers are struggling they still have a ton of players on the list. As much as I love Troy and how great I think he is, he has no business being in the top spot for safety. If you don't play you shouldn't get in. Troy is one of the best but he should not be in the Pro Bowl.

James also takes a look at the Jekyll and Hyde that is the Pittsburgh Steelers this season. They have played so well against good teams and so bad against bad teams. It is so hard to watch. He really makes a good point when he says that the Steelers have not lost a game by more than seven points and those were the games that went the Steelers way last season. It happens, but it is so hard to watch.

Also it must be mentioned that a ton of blogs are doing decade in reviews so make sure you check them out. WHYGAVS will be putting up Pirates stuff, The Steelers n'at is already in full swing with their Steelers stuff, D.C. Steeler Nation has some stuff goin on and I know there are a bunch more but that is all I am going to put up for now.

Hope every has a great hump day.

Get ready to go to Philly tomorrow boys. I can't wait to laugh when Sid lights them up.

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