Monday, December 28, 2009

Hangin on...Steelers win

The Steelers got the big performance they needed and downed the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 last night at Heinz field to push them back over .500 for the season and kept them with an outside shot of going to the playoffs.

Here is a quick version of the game recap since I am lazy and I was at the game and really am tired today from a long day yesterday.

The first quarter of the contest was a field goal fest with three field goals, two off the toe of Jeff Reed. The Steelers had a prime opportunity half way through the first when James Farrior picked off a Joe Flacco pass and took it to around the ten yard line. Was it just me or did it seem like James could have got into the endzone if he cut that ball inside instead of going toward the sideline? With as hit or miss as this offense is in the red zone it would be nice for the defense to finish of plays by making that one cut to get them to pay dirt. Whatev.

The Steelers came to play in the second quarter however as they put up 14 points and really looked well, only giving up seven points.

Rashard Mendenhall ran in from four yards out to give the Steelers a 13-3 lead to cap off a 5 play, 43 yard drive that took just over a little of two mintues off the clock.

Baltimore came right back as Joe Flacco found Todd Heap in the corner of endzone for a touchdown and cut the Steelers lead to 13-10.

Tough for Deshea on this coverage. He is one on one with Heap who had like seven inches on him and is much more physical of a player than Shea. Had to have seen that coming.

The Steelers get the ball with two minutes to go in the half and Ben does work. Ben just has the ability to know what is going on the whole time. The Ravens jump into the neutral zone and Ben realizes this and knows it is a free play. Rather than take a knee ala Rod Rutherfurd he takes a shot deeeeeeeep and hits up Mike Wallace for 45 yards.

That is a play that doesn't look like a big deal in the play by play but it probably is the only reason the Steelers get seven on that drive instead of only three, or nothing.

Ben. Tone. Touchdown.

Say Somethin

The Steelers come out and basically say they don't want to play the third quarter. They probably were just as well to stay in the locker room.

The Steelers ran four plays. Awesome.

You had to wonder going into the fourth quarter with the scored tied at 20. You figured the defense was going to collapse and it was going to be the same old story as the Steelers would get eliminated from playoff contention, but boy were you wrong.

LaMarr Woodley decided he was going to take over the game, and take over he did.

The Steelers grabbed the only points of the quarter, but the defense really came to play, in the fourth quarter.

The Ravens did a nice job of taking a shit ton of penalties and negating a couple of touchdowns and having Derek Mason drop a touchdown pass was pretty special too at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Where have we seen that look before?

With a little over five minutes to go Skippy knocks one down that was huge. He has been clutch since his little performance with the police officer.

LaMarr Woodley just was freakishly amazing down the stretch for the Steelers.

Its ok though...this picure makes it all better


- LaMarr Woodley had ten tackles, two sacks and forced an interception. I mean he has 11.5 sacks on the season and has really picked up for James Harrison subpar play. What a human.

- Rashard Mendenhall went over the 1,000-yard mark for the season. Ben also became the first QB in team history to throw for 4,000 or more yards. Hard to believe there. Tack on the fact that Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes also have gone over 1,000-yards and you have some good offensive weapons.

- Stef Logan also surpassed Ernie Mills for the team lead in kickoff return yards. I mean you can bash Stef all you want but that says something. Sure he didn't get any flahsy but he played a nice game yesterday.

- Ike Taylor played a very good football game in my opinion. He registered his second career sack and a fumble recovery. The one thing I am very surprised on was why Ike was not matched up on Derek Mason the entire game? I mean Will Gay and Shea couldn't handle Mason so why not have Ike shadow him? Maybe its just me, but Ike hasn't played a good string of games but he is still a good DB, one of the best we got.

- Will Gay and Ty Carter did not play well. Shea filled in pretty nice for Gay and did a much better job than he would have in the same position but it was really evident the Ravens were throwing away from Taylor and targeted Gay and Shea, espcially when Heap and Mason were there.

- Ben got sacked four more times. He sees a lot of dirt every year. At what point is this going to cut his career short? I mean I wouldn't change anything but you really have to think about it at some point.

- Can Philadelphia do anything right? They did beat Denver but holy shit. Give me a break. What a joke city. Indy did the Steelers no services either.

- This week we are Steelers, Patriots, Bengals and Raiders fans

- We still got a chance

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