Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Links and Junk

Here are some links from a pretty slow sports day.

Usually I can look forward to something here at work to pass a little bit of time but with no Penguins and not much Steelers stuff going on I am not sure what to do.

MJD over at the Shudown Corner (Yahoo! NFL Blog) puts together his ten best plays of the decade. Pretty good list. I am not gonna lie people talk about how great David Tyree's catch was, I don't. I mean yea it was a good catch but I don't think it was the second best play in the last 10 years.

Ron Cook thinks the Steelers have a better chance to make the playoffs than Pitt does of beating Cincinnati. I kinda agree.

If you haven't seen this already then I am sure you haven't read the message boards. The Colts released Anthony Madison. Steelers fans are going to be all over this. Not really sure how I feel. You could sign him, but who do you let go? Has to be Ivy. Gotta watch getting too many ST guys. What if Ty Carter gets hurt? Who do you throw out there? Madison? I dunno.

"We will unleash hell here in December" Hell yea they will.

Ben looks like he will be back this week. Good.

Alex Ovechkin will be suspended two games by the NHL for this knee-on-knee hit:

Surprised he got suspended at all.

Mike Rupp is second on the team in goals, tied with Geno. Wow.

In unrelated Pittsburgh sports news, Celtics guard Rajon Rondo wants to race the Titans Chris Johnson for $2,000. Johnson by five feet.

Here we go, I am going to say it. The Steelers WILL make the playoffs. They will go 4-1 or better and get in. Baltimore is a good team but they will not beat us at Heinz Field. You heard it here first.

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