Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pens roll, Max a Superstar

No game recap from me last night since I got home late after meeting some friends but I have some pictures and such. I was actually at the game and it was awesome.

How do you let Geno and Bing go down 2-0? That is just messed up.

All kidding aside, that was a very wierd game. The Penguins got outplayed in the first, gave up 24 shots (one less than a team record for shots against at home) and were only tied. MAF was just outta his mind in the first. I mean he was the number one star at the end of the night and he deserved every bit of it.

It is hard to imagine you give the number one star of the game to a goalie in an 8-2 game, but you can in this game. He made great save after great save to keep the team in it and finished the game with something like 44 saves. That is pretty legit.

I was also looking in the rafters at the Igloo and it is just remarkable the scoring championships that the Penguins have won.

Between 1992-2001 the Penguins won nine of 10 scoring championships. Talk about a team. During that stretch only the 1994 season was a season where a person not named Jagr or Lemieux won a scoring championship. They were pimps

Max has a new commercial. It is sweet.

Here is Max's new commercial for Valley Pool and Spa. Priceless.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone. Be safe.

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