Sunday, December 6, 2009

Season on the brink. Steelers lose.

Nothing to say here. We lost to Kansas City and Oakland.

Donny Iris sang the national anthem. It was game over after I heard that was the case. Too bad I was wrong.

You know how else you are going to have a great day? When Stef Logan takes the opening kickoff 83 yards. Am I the first one to say that it’s about damn time? I doubt it. The Steelers can’t do anything with the drive as Tone drops a pass on the six on third and five that woulda given the Steelers a first. Jeff Reed bangs it through. Microcosm of the entire day there.

The Steelers special teams still suck as they let Gary Russell bring the ball out to the 45 on the ensuing kickoff. Let me say that again, Gary f’in Russell. Everything is better after the first offensive play for the Raiders when Bruce Gradkowski drops back to pass and just drops the ball, literally.

The Raiders, however, do get a couple first downs and kick a 47 yard field goal to tie the score. Figures.

Both teams trade some pretty lifeless drives. I actually thought that is resembled the Cleveland Browns with how lifeless those drives were. Steelers three and out and then Oakland completes a big pass play and then goes backwards about 15 yards and punts.

Rashard Mendenall shows up when the Steelers get the ball back. After Ben finds Tone for a five yard screen Mendy goes 60 yards off the right side. The Steelers still struggle to no end in the red zone. They get down to the five but get stuffed on fourth and inches to give the ball back to the Raiders.

Just an ugly first quarter.

(stat picture)

Second Quarter

The second opens with a third down play from the Raiders inside the Steelers 10 but nothing going, although Will Gay got beat deep Gradkowski can’t hit him.

Stef Logan drops the punt, luckily Anthony Madison was there to pick it up, I guess Stef thought that it was ok that he had a good KO return that he could sleep on punt returns. That is ok, Ben is cash. Two plays, 62 yards, 52 seconds, touchdown. Ben finds Hines for 27 yards on the post then goes to Tone for 34 yards on the corner route for the Steelers lead. What a pass to Tone. That was pretty.

After the extra point there is a sweet Radio Shack commercial with Biz Markie. Solid.

Both teams fuddled around a little bit and really couldn’t get much down. The early success that the Raiders had was all but gone as they could do absolutely nothing the second quarter.

The Steelers got the ball back with a little more than two minutes left in the half and put together a pretty nice drive. Something you may never see again happened in the drive. Heath Miller dropped a ball. Granted he was hit decently hard by Mike Huff and dropped a pass. But Tone made a great catch before the two minute warning to keep the Black and Gold rollin. Ben then throws a bad pick in the end zone to end the drive.

The Raiders had like 50 seconds to go 80 yards but they couldn’t get anything going. Harrison got held on one of the plays. This brought up something I can’t fathom. Why are the Raiders having only a tight end blocking James Harrison? Have they watched football the past two years? You can’t do that and expect your QB to be alive or to gain any yardage matching up a TE on Harrison.

Steelers go into the half up 10-6. Not a great half.

The Steelers open up the second and play some up and down defense. They give up some big plays, make some big plays. The biggest play was on a first down when there was a pitch to McFadden who threw it back to Gradkowski who was eaten up by Harrison and Woodley. Loss of 16.

After this I started getting sick to my stomach watching the game.

Basically it was a wild final quarter and the Steelers defense shit a brick.

No more talk necessary.

Close to being over. Have to win out and get some help.

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