Friday, December 11, 2009

Singin the Blues, Steelers Lose

The Steelers came out and ended the season with a bad loss to the Cleveland Browns.

The Steelers were not “up to snuff” as Mike Tomlin may say and it was a very hard game to watch on both sides of the ball. Nobody was really strong tonight on either side of the ball. It happens, but not usually to the Browns.

This was the Super Bowl for the Browns and they won. Kudos to the Browns defense. Their DB’s played one hell of a game and any time you can sack a QB eight times you are playing some decent football.

This wasn’t the year for the Steelers, but what pisses me off more than the loss to the Browns is the way some Steelers fan reacted to this. Like this team has never won a Super Bowl or got you to the AFCC game numerous times. Get over yourself, but I will get to those people later.


First Quarter

We open up the game to see that there are about 16 people in the stands tonight. Great job to represent yourself for the national spotlight.

The Steelers kick the ball off and actually cover the kick. Cribbs absolutely kills the Steelers on kickoff returns in his career (3 for touchdowns) but the Steelers stop him at his own 35. The Steelers give up a first down but shut down the Browns. How good did that feel as a fan? I mean it’s the Browns but whatev.

Nothing going on the Steelers first offensive drive as Ben got sacked on third and two (in the empty set shotgun). Hopefully this isn’t a microcosm of the night.

I would like to say that I am done with talking about James Harrison getting held but holy shit, every week it gets worse and worse. Why does he even rush? Just a pylon pretty much.

Josh Cribbs gets a punt return after ANOTHER Steelers three and out that ended in a Ben sack from an empty set and takes it all the way to the Steelers nine. The defense steps up to bail out the special teams. James Harrison almost gets to Quinn but Joe Thomas got called for almost chocking out Harrison. About time.

The Browns offense just looks lost. Without Cribbs they seriously don’t stand a threat to do anything with the football. Which brings me to the question of why we even kick to Cribbs? Could you imagine if the Steelers could get their hands on him next season? I know it’s not possible but good lord that would be scary.

The Browns stumble around and get three points. 3-0 Browns.

The Steelers get the ball back and get a third and one and run the ball up the middle and can’t get the first down so the Steelers go ahead and go for it on fourth down from their own 35 and Ben picks it up on a QB sneak. Gutsy call, but it had to be done.

The offense finally starts to find the groove a bit. Ben runs for a first down on first down then he gets a screen pass out to Tone for a first down.

Second Quarter

NFL Network comes back with this: (a picture of downtown Cleveland) and says “A look at beautiful downtown Cleveland.” Really? You can say that?

The Steelers third downs closely resemble looking at Cleveland (aka a POS). Ben sacked again.

LaMarr Woodley is just an absolute beast. On the next Cleveland series he gets a sack on first down, closes in and snuffs a screen out on second down and then almost picks off a screen attempt on third down. What a player. I mean for real, Harrison on one side and Woodley on another, who do you put a back on?\

Browns get three when they convert on a third and 13 when Ike Taylor gets beat. 6-0 Browns.

The Biz Markie Radio Shack commercial comes on. I knew it was going to be a good series after this came on.

Solid commercial

I was wrong about the good drive. Ben was sacked twice more, five for the game. I seriously want to throw up right now. This is what the Steelers look like:

The Steelers continue to look like they are just disinterested in playing football as Josh Cribbs took a run 36 yards breaking four tackles. I don’t know how I continue to watch this football game. This is so hard to watch. I have never felt the Steelers didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs but I am getting close to that now.

The Steelers then give up a rushing TD to the Browns, the first rushing touchdown by a Browns running back this season.

The Steelers actually get something resembling an offense going to end the half. A few pass plays and a big penalty gets the Steelers a chip shot FG to end the half and go in down 13-3.

What a terrible half for the Steelers. That made me literally want to puke. If the Steelers lose this I don’t know what I will do. To lose to the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns in a four week span would just be terrible. This has been the most uninspiring football game I have ever seen the Steelers play.

Third Quarter

How do we start out the second half? MeMo fumbles the ball on the kickoff and only gets it out to the 11 yard line. 88 yards to go for an offense who hasn’t done shit all night.

The Steelers actually move the ball to the 50 with Santonio Holmes making an unbelievable catch but the Steelers have to punt it away. Tone goes over 1,000 yards for the season. Good for him.

I found out the Penguins won which snaps a nine game Pittsburgh sports losing streak. At least someone can win.

The Steelers refuse to move the ball down the field. Granted the Browns defense is playing pretty decent but come on. Our offense is better than this. What a joke.

The defense finally balls up and has a good defensive stand and gives the offense a chance.

The Steelers offense responds will a pretty nice drive. Doesn’t lead to a touchdown, but we get within a score. A 42-yard field goal by Jeff Reed pulls the game 13-6.

Fourth Quarter
You can just feel the momentum beginning to turn in this game. The Steelers pooch kick it and it rolls to the Browns five and Cribbs gets tackled on his own 13. Finally some good coverage. Remember that three and out. That might be the turning point in this game.

The Steelers defense comes up with another three and out. The defense is starting to step it up and play like it is. Tone is now returning punts. He is the hottest player over the past few weeks and the Steelers know it.

The offense gets the ball on its own 40

The Steelers get the ball back with a little over four minutes to play and it is now or never. They pick up a few firsts downs and get into Cleveland territory. Ben gets sacked for a big loss and it really sets up the Steelers season down to a few plays under two minutes.

The Steelers can’t convert on a fourth and six and that ends the season for the Steelers.

I just don’t even know where to start.

I know, for anyone that wants to bash the Steelers I just want to say to you to get the fuck off of the bandwagon and never come back again. It is you bullshit fans that makes me sick to my stomach. I would rather watch this and be proud of a team than not have a team at all. Go ahead and talk about firing Tomlin and getting rid of BA. To be honest I want to get rid of you. This team has brought us two Super Bowls in the last four years and you want to bitch about one year where we don’t make the playoffs. Fuck off. You know why people hate us? Because we are a bad ass franchise that is good year in and year out. There are going to be years where you don’t make it. I know you sit there and say “Well this is the defending Super Bowl champion” so the fuck what. This is my team and I don’t care what you say. Just don’t be a fan.

I am still 100% proud to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. The season is not over. We have three games left. Let’s get this shit right and win out and go out like champions.

More to come in the next couple of days.

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