Friday, December 18, 2009

Steelers Game Day 14 - vs. Green Bay Packers

I am going to be traveling back to Pittsburgh from Alaska over the weekend and needless to say I am going to be having a great time my first weekend back. I will be in attendance for the Steelers/Packers game at Heinz Field, the first Steelers game I will have been to since the Steelers/Ravens AFCC game. We all know how that turned out.

I guess I feel I will be the leader of the charge for the Steelers to get back on the winning track. If you really sit back and think about it the Steelers already beat the Packers this year. I mean we beat Brett Farve and he is still like the God of Green Bay right? So in a way we already beat Green Bay so we have the psychological advantage. Or something like that.

Since I am taking a long and drawn out trip that will span over 16 hours this recap is as likely to be as good as the Steelers have been the past five weeks, which is not very good. So basically what I have done is pasted a lot of pictures with little to no words. Enjoy.

Here is a recap from last year's preseason. It really means nothing.

Hit it

I know these photo's have little or nothing to do with the game but here is a short breakdown.

I would take Ben over Rodgers

I would take our line over their line

The WR corps are a push, maybe going to GB

The DL goes to Pittsburgh

LB goes to Pittsburgh

DB's goes to GB since we have none

Special teams goes to GB

Outside of that my prediction is Steelers - 103, Packers - 12

Book it.

Here We Go

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