Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Steelers Playoff Hopes

It has been rehashed on millions of blogs (ok, maybe not millions) about the Steelers and what they have to do to make the playoffs. I am doing the exact same thing here today so if you don't like it then deal with it.

First, here is the scenerio:

The teams that are up for the last two spots (in order)

5. Baltimore (8-6, 6-4)
6. Denver (8-6, 6-5)
7t. Jacksonville (7-7, 6-4)
7t. Miami (7-7, 5-5)
7t. NY Jets (7-7, 5-5)
7t. Pittsburgh (7-7, 4-6)
7t. Houston (7-7, 4-6)
7t. Tennessee (7-7, 4-7)

First off if the first thing you say is "Holy Shit" then you are the same as me when I saw this. What a mess.

It looks pretty sloppy but when you look at week 16 in the NFL you might have everything pretty much figured out once the weekend is over.

Week 16 in the NFL:

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh
Jacksonville @ New England
Houston @ Miami
NY Jets @ Indianapolis
San Diego @ Tennessee
Denver @ Philadelphia

First off, the Steelers have to beat Baltimore, if they don't then it is over. But lets take a look at the rest of the games.

To start it is huge that the Steelers have the tiebreakers over the Broncos and the Titans.

Denver goes to Philly and if the Broncos lose and our Steelers win they they leapfrog the Broncos and take over ahead of them. After the Steelers beat the Broncos I said to my Broncos friend that they would not make the playoffs. They are going to Philadelphia to play against a red hot team in the Eagles. I think this looks pretty good for the Steelers for the Eagles to come out and play a good game. McNabb is solid and their defense can get after you. They are also fighting for the last playoff spot so this is very good for us.

You would think that we would want the Texans to knock off the Dolphins, but hold on a minute. It would actually benefit the Steelers for Miami to win this football game. What you ask? The Steelers are set to play Miami in week 17 so if the Steelers win they get the head to head win over them. We wouldn't actually mind seeing Miami win this ball game to knock the Texans completely out of the way.

The Steelers also have that breaker over the Titans so San Diego winning would really just put the nail into the coffin for Tennessee. Tennessee really doesn't have a chance so this game really does not mean much for us this weekend. But whatev.

New England still have to have another win to wrap up the AFC East so they will be playing balls out against the Jags and they will be up in the Northeast. I like it. I hate rooting for the Pats but this week I am a Pats fan.

Indy has everything wrappped up but they are playing at home in front of their fans who most definatly want to have the undefeated season to match the Pats from two years ago. If this was week 17 I would definatly say the Jets have the upper hand in this game, but its not week 17 is it?

So if things go as I want them to then the Steelers, Patriots, Dolphins, Colts and Charges win this weekend. If that happens then it sets up a win and get in for the Steelers against the Dolphins on January 3. What have I said before, just get it to a game seven (or a one game playoff) and anything can happen. A lot of scoreboard watching going to be going on for the Steelers game. If all of this happens the Steelers will beat Miami and make the playoffs. After the Raiders beat the Steelers I told my boss the Steelers would get to the playoffs, and I plan to keep that promise.

Keep the faith, a lot of fans quit on this team when they lost to Oakland. I can't wait to see them come back when this team is in the playoffs.

(Ups to The Steelers n'at for pointing out my idiot mistakes in the post)

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