Monday, January 4, 2010

Close but no Cigar, Steelers Win

The Pittsburgh Steelers racked up over 400 yards of total offense, saw two running backs gallop for over 90 yards, got three touchdown passes from Big Ben and a pick by Santonio Holmes which all rolled up into a 30-24 win over the Miami Dolphins.

Of all the things above there is one thing that stood out above everything else. I am telling you this might have been the play of the year for the Steelers. This is something that might be replayed on ESPN for the next six months.

Ready for it?

Ike Taylor intercepted a Tyler Thigpen pass. Ike Taylor CAUGHT the ball!

There were a lot of things that were actually good about this game. I know you might want to bitch at the Pats and Bengals and try to blame someone else for the Steelers not making the playoffs but you won't get that shit here.

Like I said, there was plenty of good stuff in this game so lets look at some of it:

1) LaMarr Woodley is a beast. Two more sacks to end with 13.5 for the season. He has at least a half a sack in the last eight games. He is just a monster, and guess what? We got him in the second round after LT. How does that feel? What a monster.

2) Ben - How good is this dude? Three TD's and a 128 passer rating. Also, how about his throws with like no arm? I know we were told about every five seconds on the broadcast but he gutted it out and made the plays when they need to. He broke a buncha records and is one of the top three QB's in the game, hands down.

3) The run game. How good was the Steelers run game yesterday? Shard ran the ball 20 times for 94 yards and Fast Willie ran the ball 12 times for 91 yards. Fast Willie looked good. I have to say it. They took control of the game and kept the chains moving all game.

4) The DB's making some plays. Sure we got beat a few times and Will Gay continues to fall down like Ben goes through casino workers, but they picked off a few passes. Too bad this took all season to do, but with the pick by Shea it was the first time all season a Steelers DB picked off a pass. The Steelers picked off three passes.

5) Defense makin plays. The Steelers had three sacks, three picks and forced a fumble (that they didn't recover). How about that? We went from never getting sacks and picks to getting them at big times. How about after Ben's fumble, Ryan Clark steps up and picks off one of the next passes. Good shit there my friends.

6) Heath Miller. What a baller. That catch it the back of the end zone was amazing. He is one of the best in the game but because of Gates and Clark he will not make the pro bowl. He will make it there. He is a complete TE.

There were some bad things too, but I like to talk about the good things after a win. People are too focused on the bad things to realize what kinda team we had this year. Sure we only got nine wins but go ask Houston what it was like to get nine wins. They probably felt like they won the Super Bowl with their nine wins for the first time, EVER, We are spoiled. If you tell me that you will have 8 winning seasons and two Super Bowls in 10 years but you have to miss the playoffs three times I think you would take that.

There were some bad things from the game:

1) Tone throwing a pick. What the hell was that? I understand the concept of the play but come on Tone, that was terrible. Sure you are a pro bowl snub but your zero QB rating isn't helping.

2) Pat White getting knocked the f out. That was scary. You know it's bad when Mike Tomlin was waving over their training staff before White even hit the ground. You don't see both teams standing around an injured player like that but both teams were there. I am glad to hear that it is only a concussion and not something seriously wrong. It could have been really bad.

3) Almost giving the game away. The Steelers tried to give it away, they tried real hard. Going 2 of 6 in the red zone does not help and turning the ball over and giving up big plays also doesn't help. It coulda been a lot worse, but whatever.

4) I am sure there is more shit but I don't feel like thinking.

All i all it was a rough season but the Steelers finished up strong with wins over three pretty good teams. I will be doing a post season write up in the coming weeks so I will save most of my stuff for that.

Enough is enough...good win, finally closed the game and finished 9-7. It is nobodys fault but our own so don't blame anyone for not getting to the playoffs.

The draft is next.

Here We Go

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