Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eatin Crow...Pens Win

Rob Rossi will be eating crow over the next couple of days. There is some part of me that kinda feels bad for Rob if he ever goes onto Twitter and checks on the messages he was tagged in. Good Lord. He might cry.

Lets get to the real subject at hand, Geno and Sid were just out of their minds tonight. Unreal effort. Both of those guys combinded for five goals and four assists. Sid had six points himself and was a factor in every single goal. Add onto the fact that Sid won 70% of his faceoffs and you have a pretty complete game.

Geno started his scoring early in the second period when he absolute burried a 5-on-3 power play goal. Geno scored twice more in the third period, the first of those being the game winner on another power play goal. His third goal was also a power play goal for the hat trick.

The Islanders were playing very well coming into the game, 7-2-1 in their last 10, and they put up four, count em four, power play goals. 4-for-7 to be exact. Where did this come from? What a game.

On a more serious note I am sure we all hope Pascal Dupuis is alright. He was checked hard, from behind, into the boards by Andy Sutton. Sutton received a five minute mayor for boarding and a 10 minute game misconduct to bat. I really didn't see the replay but I heard it was pretty bad. Dupes was on the ice with a puddle of blood next to him and he didn't look good coming off the ice. I really hope he is ok, not just to play hockey, but as a person.

Brent Johnson was really solid early. He stopped Kyle Okposo three different times on breakaways with one of those being a penalty shot. He gave up four goals tonight but you know what? He won. Ask any goali what he would rather have, a game where you lose but make 55 saves and give up one goal or give up four and win the game? I bet you every single goalie would take the win.

A lot to be said about this game but it's time to get your mind right. Washington and Philadelphia coming up.

Lets Go Pens

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