Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Final Mike Tomlin presser

Today was the final Mike Tomlin press conference for the year and for a change of pace I was able to listen to it.

First off, here is the audio for the presser thanks to Steelers Depot

Typically I can not listen to the presser due to the time difference of where I live (four hours behind) so I usually only get to listen to bits and pieces of it throughout the day in order to hear it all.

Today was pretty interesting, one in which Mike got pretty heated and animated towards the end, pretty much getting fed up with the line of questions that was being thrown his way.

One of the big issues this offseason is if Casey Hampton is going to be back in the fold. Mike Tomlin said that he has sat down with Big Snack already and discussed some of this stuff. That is encouraging.

Snack is very important to this defense whether you know it or not. Snack does his job better than anyone and he is the reason the backers get their tackles and stay clean and he often gets overlooked in the defense.

Next year might be an uncapped year and that could be HUGE when looking if Snack is going to be a Pittsburgh Steeler next year. Snack has already said that he wants to stay in Pittsburgh and he wants to be on this team. From the way Mike talked today it seems as if the Steelers really want him to be on this team too. Price is going to be the make or break. If this is an uncapped year then Snack is in for a big pay day somewhere. He is one of the best in the game at what he does and there are plenty of teams (Washington, Dallas) who will throw money out and not think twice. Other teams such that would pay some cash to try and make that one move to make their defense that much better.

Tough decision for the Steelers

If Snack does leave there are some decisions to be made. Chris Hoke is 34 years old and Ziggy is not really that ready. Could Hoke come in and be a stop gap? Sure. Hoke works his balls off and can play some football.

As far as other things it was pretty evident throughout the presser that the media kinda wanted to hear Mike say that injuries were the reason for the bad season. Mike got fed up with that REAL fast. He went as far as to say that he would not field any more questions about players being injured with the season. Wow. That says a lot.

Mike said that he had no comment on Limas Sweed, not sure what that means.

Mike also would no say what shakeup is going to happen with the coach staff. He said that he will revisit the staff in a few weeks but he did say that QB coach Ken Anderson will be retiring. Ken has been with the Steelers three years and was a player/coach for 33 years. He seemed to have a good repor with Ben. Hopefully he has a great retirement.

Mike said that he hasn't really gone over stuff about the season. He said it was "still in its infancy" which is expected. A big part that he talked about was the poor division (2-4) record. That was his main sticking point and he pointed out the Cleveland game later in the press conference. He said that was the only game that he felt the team didn't give a great effort. He felt they didn't match up physically with them and didn't match Cleveland's effort. He was right.

Stan asked a great question to end the presser when he asked how much of the stuff we saw on Sunday was his stamp or did he hire coaches and let them do what they wanted to do. Stan was trying to get at BA, I am assuming, when it comes to play calling. All Tomlin responded with was that all the game can be put on him on tape. Whatever that means.

It will be very interesting to see what comes with coaches being let go. Mike said that some changes would be made at the appropriate time. There will be changes and from what I could understand it would be up to Mike to make those decisions. Who knows who stays and who goes, that is for another day.

Well that is a short version of what I think about it. I respect Mike Tomlin a lot. He pulls no punches and tells it like it is. He is very confident and actually got me pumped today like we were playing Sunday. But we are not.

What do you think? Leave it in the comments.

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