Saturday, January 2, 2010

Had a Bad Day, Pens Lose

For the fourth time in as many games the Penguins came out with a loss. The Guins went to Tampa and only managed one goal and fell 3-0.

The power play was powerless and the Penguins came out flat in the first and got outworked in the second to make their own bed.

The Lightning go the party started early at the 1:03 mark with a Martin St. Louis goal and really put the pressure on the Penguins.

Dad tied the game up at the tail end of the period off a Jordan Staal shot. That is something the Penguins have been doing more and more of lately is shooting for the far pad and getting that rebound and it really has been successful for them.

The Penguins came out in the second and got worked by Tampa Bay. The Penguins got back to back power plays to open it up but couldn't get anything started and it really fueled Tampa as they put 19 shots on net, beat MAF once in the period.

The Lightning added an insurance goal in the third and really didn't get the Penguins get any good looks.

The best chance the Penguins go was a two on one during a four on four when Geno rang the pipe when the Penguins were down 3-1. Nothing much more than that. Kinda frustrating

MAF didn't have a terrible night as he saw a lot of rubber and he actually made a lot of nice saves to even keep the Penguins in the game.

The Penguins just looked flat and taht is that. It sucks that they didn't come out with a better result after not scoring a lot of goals as of recent but hey, you can't score five every game.

In the same regards the Lightning came to play today. They did a nice job of playing on their terms and getting shots on net. They weathered the storm the Penguins came with and didn't fold when the Penguins tied it up. Good job by them to stay hot.

The Penguins need to do something with the power play. It has to happen. If you ask me they are too stationary. It is not that hard to get in the shooting lanes when nobody is moving on thte power play. The Lightning did a good job of staying in those lanes and not give the power play a good look at the net.

I, however, am not worried. If they lose 7 more in a row then I'll talk about it.

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